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An Instagram user search / social media username search lets you do two things: 1) If you know their social media username, it will find their name, email address and phone number; and 2) If you know a person’s name, email address or phone number, it will find their social media profiles. (In both situations, it will find a lot of other information too.)

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Most social media user search tools are web based (i.e. appear on a website) but some have their own mobile phone apps.

A note on terminology

You might also hear other names for a social media user search, such as ‘username search’. Also a lot of people want to find people or accounts on specific platforms, so you’ll see the following names a lot: ‘instagram search by user’, ‘instagram user search’, ‘facebook search without account’ and ‘facebook people search’. Whatever the name or use case, though, the tool required is usually the same thing.

Below are a few scenarios in which you might use a social media user search:

  • You’ve been approached by someone on Instagram, Facebook or some other social media platform, and you want to learn a bit about who they really are before replying, or at least before revealing or committing too much. For instance, you might want to know their real name, or where they live, or if they’re married, or if they have a criminal record, or what their other social media profiles are.
  • You’ve been trolled, bullied or harassed by someone on social media, and you want to learn about them in order to contact their employer or the authorities.
  • You may actually know something about the person in real life, such as their name, phone number or email address, and you want to find and follow them on social media, or contact them on social media. Perhaps you want to see what they post to determine if it matches what they told you about themselves in an email or when you met them at a bar.
  • You’re thinking of buying a used car from someone, and you want to find out if they’ve said anything about the car to friends on social media. Perhaps they complained that it needs a new gearbox or they showed a photo of the car after an accident. You could get the car’s VIN number, then do a VIN search, and uncover all their social media profiles (along with their criminal record, driving offenses, etc.).
  • You want to find out if your neighbor has been saying nasty things about you, or you think they have a pet in violation of your building’s rules.

How does a social media user search work?

It depends what information you already have, and what you’re trying to find. For example

  • If you know the person’s Instagram username, and you want to learn more about them in real life, you’d do a username search. This would involve you typing or pasting their username and clicking Search. The tool would then list the possible owners of that username. You could then click to see all the details of that person, including their name, address, phone number, email addresses, criminal history, etc.
  • If you know the person’s name, approximate age and city, and you want to find their Instagram profile (or other social media profiles), you’d do a name search. This would involve you typing or pasting their name and clicking Search. The tool would then list all the people who match your search. You’d then click the best match to see all their details, including their social media profiles. 

Both of these situations could be called an ‘Instagram user search’ or an ‘Instagram search by user’.

What’s the best FREE social media user search tool in 2022?

A few free tools can list all the social media profiles with a particular username. But none can tell you about the owner of those profiles. Their name, email address, phone number, address and so on. Likewise, there are no free tools that will tell you what social media profiles are associated with a name or email address.

If you want to learn either of those things, you have to use a paid tool…

What’s the best PAID social media user search tool in 2022?

We’ve reviewed a lot of social media user search tools, and in our opinion, you won’t find better than BeenVerified. Dollar for dollar, it provides the best combination of detailed, accurate information, ease of use and speed. (Especially when it comes to doing an Instagram search by user.)

Search BeenVerified now

BeenVerified is a 100% anonymous username search tool that can find the following information about a person:

  • Social media profiles (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube & Pinterest)
  • First & last names
  • Aliases
  • Landline and cell phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • eBay profile
  • Traffic tickets, sex offenses, criminal record
  • Current & past addresses
  • Family members, neighbors, friends & co-workers
  • Household demographics
  • Birth & marriage record information
  • Education, hobbies & interests
  • Assets
  • Bankruptcies
  • And more…

By Glenn Murray

Glenn is Super Easy’s General Manager, Communications. He plans and executes training programs, designs user experiences, conducts conversion rate experiments, sets our style and tone of voice, contributes to SEO implementation & strategy, and oversees important internal & external communications. He also manages our technical support team.Glenn lives on the Central Coast of Australia, just north of Sydney, and enjoys walking, reading, music, wine and craft beer.


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