Editorial guidelines

We write helpful articles about technology, which are all designed to make your life easier.

In these articles, we often link to third party products and services, and sometimes those links are affiliate links. If you click one of those affiliate links, and go on to buy the product or pay for the service it links to, we earn a commission from the vendor.

But, rest assured, we only ever link to things we genuinely believe in, so we do our background research before promoting anything. There are millions — probably billions — of terrible products and services we could promote if all we cared about were the affiliate commission. But we don’t, because our mission is to make good technology easy to understand and easy to use. Note the word “good” …

Of course, there’s a business reason too: if we promote a bad product or service, we won’t earn much commission from it in the long run. People always figure these things out, so recommending any old rubbish is a very short-sighted business approach. It’s just not sustainable.


Long story short… we promote only the best.

Oh, and we don’t promote anything that runs counter to our principles. That means no porn, gambling, weapons or hate! We only promote stuff that we’d be happy to stand up and proudly talk about at a business conference or a family dinner. Simple as that.
Finally, we’re not perfect. All the best intentions and research in the world don’t make us immune to mistakes and blind spots. So if you see an error or omission in one of our articles, or you think a product isn’t up to snuff, please let us know about it by emailing articles@supereasy.com or commenting on the article itself. We’d love to hear from you!
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