Roblox RB Battles Code – Dec 2020

RB Battles is currently Beta and has some bugs, but this exciting game doesn't block players. The game developers would release promo codes from time to time. With these codes, you can make your game more fun and interesting by using rewards to buy items, upgrade your character, and level...

Roblox RoBeats Guide: Get DJ’s Sword of Agility

RoBeats is a great Roblox rhythm game to play. Right now, you can play this fun game and get DJ's Sword of Agility for RB Battles. This post is going to show you a step-by-step guide of how to get DJ's Sword of Agility. How to get DJ's Sword of AgilityStep 1: Get secret danceStep 2: Play 4 songs in orderStep 3: Equip gearsStep 4: Go to elevatorConclusion: Step 1: Get secret dance Go to the DANCE R-VOLUTION shop.Inside the Dance Shop, click the Dance button.Hit these keys on your...
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