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[Tips] How To Select An Honeymoon Resort in Cancun

[Tips] How To Select An Honeymoon Resort in Cancun

Cancun is a remote paradise of blue water and white sand. A perfect choice for your honeymoon, for sure. But among all those fancy resorts along the coast, how could we pick the one that’s right for us?

Here I’ll share my tricks and points in ranking and selecting hotels for newly married couples in Cancun. Take the post as a reference. Or you may check out my posts for the list of best resorts directly:

1. What do we expect for a honeymoon resort?

A romantic ambience is a must for our hotel selection, I believe we can all agree on that. But apart from this, there’s one more essential aspect to notice. A honeymoon usually comes after the wedding. When you just finished such a big project with tiring long-term planning, trust me, you’ll only want a carefree trip away from all the noises and crowds.

Now if you’re with me, we can draw our baseline for the honeymoon hotel selection in Cancun:

  • All-inclusive: Cancun is full of this type of resorts and it’s truly the one that makes your stay carefree. 24 hours of service and consultation, dining, accommodation and activities all in one — You don’t need to step out of the hotel a bit. No plans and schedules are needed in advance.
  • Adults-only: Families with kids and teenagers love this town of everlasting summer beaches and water sports. And they tend to choose an all-inclusive resort with childcare and fun for kids. So to keep your beach and pool quiet and private, choose your all-inclusive property with an adults-only or couples-only tag.
  • No Parties: I don’t mean to rule out all hotels providing high-quality night events and live shows. But there are a certain kind of adults-only resorts you might want to avoid. They cater to young adults seeking exhilarating nightlife, standing as a pick-up joint. As a couple in honeymoon, I believe you want the thrill and privacy instead of the never-ending noises from the youngsters and the singles.

2. Where’s the best location?

Cancun is a small town sitting on the long coastline of the Caribbean Sea. You only find well established infrastructure in a few spots where residents live or hotels gather. Nevertheless, I bet you won’t trade idyllic tranquility for bustling convenience in your honeymoon, as long as the basic needs for transportation and accommodation are fulfilled. Taken together, I’ll recommend you two places specifically:

  • Costa Mujeres
    It’s a remote piece of land but still near downtown, overlooking the island Isa Mujeres. The beach here is clean and quiet. Some of the best rated all-inclusive resorts are located here, but not too many to make you feel occupied. And the island is a good place to visit for exciting water sports and underwater activities.
  • The Hotel Zone
    Here lies the biggest complex of resorts in Cancun, with side amenities like shopping centers and night clubs well equipped. It’s just beside downtown, with a unique “double water” scene: one side of the Nichupté Lagoon and the other side of the Caribbean Sea. But you might find it here a little bit crowded. And the beaches might not seem so perfect when it’s sargassum season.

3. How’s the selection process?

Now it’s time to look into the details of specific resorts and select. My research process is as follows:

  • Open Google Maps and zoom in till all hotel icons appear in the area I’m searching. Check their star rating, reviews and other basic information, and visit the official websites of the chosen ones.
  • Explore the official site of the resort. See if it’s adults-only or couples-only, browse the room types for the honeymoon suite, and check the special offerings and see whether there’s a honeymoon package (better complimentary) or romantic activity.
  • Search the resort on trustworthy hotel rating sites like Tripadvisor, Expedia, Hotels and Booking. Go to the reviews and look into the good and bad comments on important aspects (discussed below).
Tip: If you’re content with everything else, but the property is just not adults-only, try to find the hotel group behind its brand name and go for the adults-only property of it in Cancun.
Famous Resort BrandAdults-Only Properties
The Excellence CollectionExcellence Playa Mujeres, Excellence Riviera Cancun, Beloved Playa Mujeres
Palace ResortsLe Blanc Spa Resort Cancun, Sun Palace
Hyatt HotelsHyatt Zilara Cancun, Breathless Cancún Soul Resort & Spa, Secrets the Vine Cancun
Example List for Resorts in Cancun, sorted by Editor

4. What to look at in the resort?

In the selection process you’ll be drowning in information. But we don’t have to look at everything. Below are my criteria for evaluating the all-inclusive resorts in Cancun for honeymoon, concluded from my large reading of all kinds of reviews and my experiences in hotel booking.

Many could get misled to focus on the photoshopped lobby and beach, and on the bells and whistles of the “specialties” that the resort claims to offer. But what makes travelers truly at home is the quality and details of the meals, service and frequently used facilities.


I look into two kinds of maintenance: one is the function and the visual experience of the facilities, the other is the stability of service quality.

For the maintenance of the “hardware”, there’s an unchanging truth: the newer, the better. So I attach great importance to the resort’s history of establishment and renovation. But when it comes to the “software”, which is the service quality, it all reflects in details and accumulation. The hotel brand’s name and history, reviews from frequent and long-term visitors are here the critical factors.

💡Beach Management

Beach management includes the cleanliness, the availability of seats and cabanas, and the snack and drink service. And cleanliness is the core. High volume of travelers each year to the beachfront here has caused pollution issues indeed. And don’t forget there are seaweed patches washing up to Cancun’s shore every year.

So I would collect information about the investment and practices of the resorts in beach management, analyze relevant reviews, and refer to a seaweed map to see if sargassum gathers around the chosen hotel area.


I believe activities in a nonchalant atmosphere and a private setting are true recreation applauded by honeymoon travelers. So I investigate carefully the programs and amenities that recover your spirit and soothe your mood. Specifically we look into the luxury and the privacy of the facilities, as well as the service details in reservation and variety.


When you choose an all-inclusive resort in Cancun for your honeymoon, bear it in mind that the food they provide would be your whole nutrition source in your honeymoon. So the gastronomy quality is kind of important, but it’s easily invisible in vacation planning. First, it’s hard to be promoted visually, so many resorts just don’t pay much attention to this aspect. And second, to provide food all day long for all customers – many all-inclusive resorts choose to make the flavor plain but commonly acceptable.

Thus I read through tons of real-person reviews for food and drinks. And I only select those who have a good reputation in their dining options and reservation process.

💡Inside Rooms

I give credits to good room views and special adult services. The room view weighs a lot in room pricing. The best view you may expect in Cancun is either an oceanfront or a green oasis. So if a resort design takes their room views into good consideration and allocates enough beautiful views to their ordinary room types, that would earn good points by me. And when it comes to the special facilities and services provided in room, that’s what may create intimate and unique memories for couples. So I would take that part as a bonus too.

Final Words

From my thoughts over the special time “honeymoon” to my selection process and criteria, I’ve shown you the whole detailed analyzation, useful information and handy tools. Hopefully this post can contribute to a perfect honeymoon of yours in Cancun. Feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like!

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