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How to Find Someone’s Real Name on Snapchat for Free

how to find someone's real name on snapchat

Search for who’s behind an online profile in seconds

Talk to someone on Snapchat and you hope to find more about this person, including his/her real name, phone number and other personal info? It sounds tricky to obtain so much information with only a Snapchat username, but it’s possible to do so. It’s actually not a hard job, and you can even do it for free.

Snapchat allows users to add their real names to the accounts, which can be easily found out in the user settings. However, if they haven’t made the real name public, you’ll need to take more advanced steps (starting from Method 2) to identify a Snapchat user’s real name.

  1. Check out the user settings on Snapchat
  2. Manually search for the username
  3. Use a Snapchat username lookup tool
  4. Do a photo search with Google Image

1. Check out the user settings on Snapchat

It takes a few steps to find out a user’s real name on Snapchat:

  1. Open your Snapchat app and tap Chat at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Find the account you would like to know and open the chat.
  3. Tap its profile icon at the top left, and you should see the complete profile with the real name of that user.

If the user doesn’t set up a real name, you won’t see it and you should move on to other methods to trace a person with their Snapchat footprints.

2. Manually search for the username

Since many people would join various social media platforms with the same or similar username, it makes sense to Google their Snapchat username. You may find them appearing on other websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. When you get any clues, you can do more digging.

3. Use a Snapchat username lookup tool

While it’s possible to look up someone by a Snapchat username with search engines, the process can be tedious and time-consuming. If you don’t have the patience to do this manually, a professional Snapchat username lookup tool can help. From their vast databases, you could not only find out the real name behind a Snapchat profile but explore more details like address and contact info.

The tools below are 100% legit and all the searches conducted will be confidential.

Option 1 – Social Catfish

As a professional dating investigation service, Social Catfish is powerful at finding somone on social media and verifying their real identities. With its username search, you’ll know who’s the owner of a Snapchat account, gain an insight into their background and confirm whether their profile pictures or information is true.

1) Visit the Social Catfish official website. Choose Username and enter a Snapchat username. Or you can run a reverse image search to uncover the user’s real name.

2) After the scanning completes, you should see the possible username owners. To view details, unlock the complete results.

Option 2 – BeenVerified

BeenVerified is one of the most popular background search websites. Its search engines comb through hundreds of social media sites, communities, online chat rooms and forums to help you search for almost everything associated with a username.

1) Go to its Username Search tool. Then type a specific username and click Search. Or you can directly do this below.

Social Media Search


Search username on 55+ social networks

2) Wait a few seconds to complete the search. Then from the report, you can check out all the details about that user, from his/her real name to contact info.

Although Snapchat is not yet included in the BeenVerified database, it has millions of up-to-dated user records from popular social networks like Instagram and Facebook. As most people would use the same username online, this tool may give you the best accurate results.

Note that BeenVerified is a subscription-based service, which means you need to pay for the full access. But it offers a very cheap trial – 7-day trial membership at only $1 so you can enjoy all the features as a member.

Option 3 – Spokeo

Spokeo is another great tool to help you search for anyone you met online. It matches public profiles on 120+ social networks including dating sites, blogs, and e-commerce sites, and brings you accurate results. Here’s how to start searching:

  1. Go to the username search page at Spokeo.
  2. Simply type a Snapchat username you would like to know and click Search Now.
  3. After the search completes, click Unlock Full Results to view all the information you may need about a Snapchat user. It’s not just the Snapchat user’s real name, but also location, social media profiles and other personal info.

4. Do a photo search with Google Image

If the Snapchat users you want to know have uploaded their photos, considering recognizing those photos via Google Reverse Image Search. This is also a free but effective method to acquire related information about the person. To do so, you should save the profile picture that the user sent you, and upload it to Google Image.

The photo recognization might not be very dependable, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot if you’re not ready to pay for search services.

So these are all the possible methods to find someone’s real name on Snapchat. Hopefully one of them helped. If have any question or suggestion, please feel free to leave your comment below.

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