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How to Find Someone’s IG from Facebook (2023)

Easy way to search your friend's Instagram profile and more!

IG Profile Lookup


Input the person’s Facebook username into the box and search for their IG profile!

These days, we connect with our friends and extended family members on social media. While it may sound a little tricky to find someone on a certain platform such as Instagram without asking for their account, you can actually locate someone’s Instagram profile if you’re friends on Facebook. Additionally, there are effective methods to find people’s social media profiles. Check out the details in our article.

How to find Facebook friends on Instagram

To connect with your Facebook friends on Instagram, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Head to your profile, and tap on the three horizontal lines located in the top-right corner.

    how to find Facebook friends on Instagram
  3. Select Discover People.

    how to find Facebook friends on Instagram
  4. Tap on the Connect button, and log into your Facebook account.

    how to find Facebook friends on Instagram
  5. Select Confirm.

    how to find Facebook friends on Instagram

After you connect to Facebook, head back to your Instagram profile. Tap on the three horizontal lines and select Discover People. In the Facebook section, you’ll find your Facebook friends’ accounts on Instagram. Simply tap on the Follow button.

How to find your friends’ all social media profiles

Out of curiosity, you may want to unlock your friends’ all social media profiles. You can do this work on your own, obviously. But that would require you to spend your quality time searching on different platforms. To save you the hassle, we recommend you use some legit people search engines to do all the busy work for you. Apart from someone’s social media profiles, these services will bring you all the details you might expect, including available contact info, residential info, marital status, educational background, work history, etc. And that person won’t be notified as the searches are performed secretly and confidentially.

1. Unlock someone’s hidden social media profiles with BeenVerified


When it comes to tracking down a person with the help of a people search engine, BeenVerified should be one of your top choices. With its simple interface and massive online databases, BeenVerified allows you to find someone’s all social media accounts easily.

Here’s how to find someone’s social media profiles with BeenVerified:

  1. Go to the BeenVerified search page.
  2. Enter the person’s name or pick a search type of your preference, then type the query into the box and click SEARCH.

  3. Wait for it to search the databases. Once finished, you’ll be able to unlock that person’s all social media profiles.

Or you can conduct a reverse username search. First, you would need to find your friends’ Facebook usernames. On Facebook, click on the person’s profile. From the address bar, you can see the username.

If you’re on your mobile app, tap on the person’s profile. Then tap on the three dots.

From there, you’ll be able to see the person’s profile link. The phrase next to is the username.

2. Find someone’s all social media accounts with Spokeo

Spokeo is known for its unlimited social media and hidden dating profiles searches. By running a search on someone, users were able to reconnect with their loved ones and verify the identity of someone on a dating site. So if you want to gain an insider peek into your friend’s social media life or just want to find someone, Spokeo should be your go-to option.

  1. Head to the Spokeo search page.
  2. Enter a name, phone number, address, or email into the search box and click SEARCH NOW.

  3. Wait for Spokeo to search its databases. When more than one result appears, click All Filters to narrow down your searches.

    Then select your match.
  4. Now you’ll be able to see the person’s all social media profiles.

So that’s it – a detailed guide on how to find Facebook friends on Instagram and unlock someone’s all social media profiles. Hope this helps!

By Sammi Liu

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