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Google Voice Phone Number Lookup

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[2] See the owner’s real name, current location, and more.

Want to find the owner of the Google Voice Phone number? Or you’re trying to google an unknown phone number. This post would help you with your need. To find the information you need quickly and easily, we recommend 5 ways to run google phone number lookup.

1. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is one of the most popular and experienced people search engines in the market. It helps you dig deep into any information related to the person you want to find online with a phone number. The report will include the person’s full name, contact information, social media profiles, public records, and etc.
The information is gathered from a wide variety of places, from both governmental and non-governmental places. BeenVerified also updates its database on the regular basis, so you can expect a fast, accurate, detailed result.

You can also use both the BeenVerified website and its app (available for both iOS and Android devices) to track a number safely and legally.

  • Has an easy-to-use app
  • Wide range of searches
  • Accurate results
  • Support vehicle search
  • You can find deeds, liens from the property report
  • 7 day trial for $1
1-Month$22.86 for a month
3-Month$14.86 a month for 3 months

How to do a reverse phone number lookup with BeenVerified

Just enter the phone number into the search box below and hit Search. You’ll know who owns this phone number.

Without a phone number, you can still find the information you want:

1) Go to BeenVerified.

2) Choose the search engine according to the information you have, then type Name/Email/Address and hit Search.

3) You’ll obtain a detailed report that contains the information you need.

2. Spokeo (7-day free trial)

Spokeo is one of the most famous people search engines in the market. You can see its ads in shows and series. Founded in 2006, Spokeo provides legitimate services for people in the US to find out the information they need. You can find lost friends by name, phone number, email, address easily and quickly. Spokeo has a vast database that includes 120 billion social networks, 130 million property records, 600 million court records, 6 billion customer records, etc, which build Spokeo one of the most accurate people search engines in social networks.

  • Specialize in social profiles search
  • Some free results
  • Purchase single phone reports
  • Some searches provide a 7-day free trial
1-Month$19.95 for a month
3-Month$14.95 a month for 3 months

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How to do a reverse phone number lookup with Spokeo

1) Go to

2) Search with the Name/Email/Phone Number/Address.

3) Wait for Spokeo to generate the report. Click the SEE RESULTS button to view the report.

3. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders was launched in 1998, and might be the most experienced people search engine in the market. PeopleFinders doesn’t stop, it offers a variety of developers to forward its tech to looking for accurate data from above 6000 data sources. PeopleFinders has received access to a huge variety of US public databases and created a huge information-sharing network that grows with every search.

Except for the vast database, they also strive to provide the best experience for the customers. It has its own app for iOS and Android as well.

Plan3-Day TrialPricing
Premium Membership$3.95$29.95

How to do a reverse phone number lookup with PeopleFinders

1) Go to the PeopleFinders official page.

2) Type in the phone number or other information you have in hand and hit Search.

3) You’ll get a report with the up-to-date information you need.

4. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is an online data aggregator where you can get current addresses, contact information, social media account information, public records, and more. It gives you access to all the public records of a person. You can search for yourself on PeopleLooker, and it allows you to remove false or misleading information about yourself.

  • Has Android app
  • Modern interface
  • Competitve price
1-Month Membership$18.28/mo.
3-Month Membership$14.62/mo.

How to do a reverse phone number lookup with PeopleLooker?

1) Go to the PeopleLooker official website.

2) Choose the search type, then input the information you have in hand and click Search.

3) Wait for the website to generate, then view a detailed report.

5. Search on social media

If you don’t want to pay for the reverse phone number lookup sites, searching on social media platforms might be an good option. Social media has collected so much personal information that not many people realized yet. Therefore, searching the phone number on sites like Facebook, the result may surprise you.

For example, searching for people’s names on Facebook and LinkedIn gives you more chances to find the right person. People are more willing to add phone number into the profile, both sites are popular in the worldwide. In this case, if the person has a Facebook account or LinkedIn account, then it’s a bingo! You can get the location and other info of that person by viewing his profile.


Google phone number lookup aims to find the phone owner, after identifying who called you, you’ll know whether to call back or block the phone call. With these tools and sites, you can protect yourself from scammers and robocalls.

Hope this post would help, if you have suggestions or questions, you’re welcome to leave a comment below.

By Iris Zheng

Iris is a writer who covers almost everything from beauty to technology, fitness, home decoration and etc. No matter what she wrote, she always brings true and useful information for readers.

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