Sally Chen

Sally is our Senior Personnel Administration Specialist. She handles everything from human resources (HR) to logistics to team building. In other words, she’s the glue that holds the office together.

Not surprisingly, Sally is a warm, energetic, optimistic people-person. She’s friends with all our staff and has a genuine desire to see them happy in their roles. From our point of view, as employers, this is the most important prerequisite for success, because happy employees are the best kind! Just as importantly, Sally is dedicated to (and very good at) ensuring the values and goals of our people align with those of the company itself, and this synergy is critical to our success.

Before starting with Super Easy, Sally worked as an online English teacher then transitioned to administrative work in 2021.

In her free time, Sally loves traveling, reading books and having a picnic with her friends (she’s something of a foodie!).


Bachelor of Economics, International Economy and Trade
Senior Middle School Teacher Qualification Certificate