Hinata Zhang

Hinata Zhang

PHP Development Engineer


Hinata is one of our PHP developers. A proud geek, and former network security professional, he’s responsible for interface development of our web backend, WordPress function modification and plug-in development, and the reconstruction and maintenance of our new order platform.

Even in his spare time, Hinata lives and breathes code, and can often be found researching black and crack technologies (e.g. contributing to the open source community and developing tools for mobile phone).

Super Easy & Easeware

Super Easy is a brand under Easeware, guided by the brand philosophy of “Simplifying Technology for Your Life.” Our team of experts conducts extensive research to explain every complex product and technology in a simple way, so that everyone can benefit from quality technology.

Millions of people around the world trust Easeware

Super Easy is the sister brand to Driver Easy, an Easeware product trusted by over 3 million users. As designers of these products, we recognize that the intricacies of technology often deter many from embracing its advantages. To explain everything in a clear, simple way, we launched our Windows Knowledge Base in 2014 (focused on resolving common Windows issues) and Super Easy in 2018 (covering a wider range of tech topics). Over the years, we have accumulated extensive writing experience. Among us, you’ll find Microsoft-certified experts and passionate enthusiasts from various domains, allowing our contents to cover a wide array of tech topics