I’m Ashleigh Peletier.

Ashleigh is a down-to-earth writer who loves to make even the most complex of subject matters simple to understand.

Since starting her career, she's worked alongside businesses and not-for-profits in the health, construction, coaching, legal, finance, creative and education sectors. Listening to their story and goals, she curates a narrative that cuts through the noise; a message that grabs the attention of their audience — and holds it — whatever the project or platform.

She writes warm, conversational articles that invite connection, but she believes flowery paragraphs are pretty useless, so she always includes a healthy dose of logic and strategy.

As a perfectionist, she has an eye for fine detail and continuously looks for ways to sharpen her skills. Plus, with a marketing background, seeing content from a consumer point-of-view has become intuitive for her.

Long story short, she loves what she does and works hard to tailor powerful articles that influence, inspire and demand attention.

Job title

Writer5 years