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Zoro Promo Codes for Existing Customer

Zoro Promo Codes for Existing Customer

No matter you want to start your business, be responsible for upgrading an office, or just need some tools for home improvement, you can find things in Zoro.
Zoro is one of the largest suppliers of business tools and equipment in the United States, it has everything you need including hard-to-find items. Zoro offers business tools from almost every major brand in the industry, you’ll have a huge selection of tools to choose from and with Zoro promo codes, you can enjoy low-cost on top-quality business supplies and products.

1. Shop with Zoro promo code

It’s no secret that Zoro promo codes will help you save loads on the supplies and products, but how to get Zoro promo codes? There are some hacks for you to try.

Buy goods later

If you’re new to Zoro, you can create a Zoro account, sign in and add the tools you want in your cart, but don’t pay for it.

The next day you may receive a mail from Zoro with a 15% off discount code to let you come back and finishing shopping.

This trick has worked sometimes, but no guarantees. If you’re not in a hurry, try it before you shop.

Go to DE coupon site

There are tons of coupon sites on the internet and you can search for Zoro promo codes before shopping on Zoro. Well you have to face the fact that most of the coupon websites are filled with non-working codes.

No need to feel upset when you can’t find one working Zoro discount codes, new offers are always being updated so keep checking back.

We don’t have working promo codes right now, but you can check what’s on sale from our coupon site.

Fans & HVAC Equipment


Wait for coupons

One of the tricks that retailers will do is sending coupons and discounts to their customers. If you’ve been ordered stuff from Zoro, you would be familiar with the coupons in the mail. Zoro used to regularly send 15-20% off coupons in the mail around holidays. You can check your mailbox to find the latest Zoro mail before shopping.

How to redeem a Zoro promo code

Once you get the code, how to redeem it? Follow the instructions:

  1. Sign-in to the Zoro online store.
  2. Add items to your shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to check out and find the promo code section.
  4. Enter the code and click Apply.
  5. Complete the checkout process to pay the order.


  • You can only use one promo code at a time and can’t combine Zoro discounts
  • Promo codes cannot be used on gift cards or previous purchases
  • Savings can’t exceed $2000
  • Some brands are excluded from promo code offers

2. Zoro Deals

Except for coupons and promo codes, deals are great for shoppers. The old 20-30% off sitewide deals haven’t been heard for months, but don’t worry, there’re other deals we found that would save you a lot.

Limited-Time Deals

The Limited-Time deals contain low quantity items with low price, I recommend you to check this section before others.

Hot buys

If you want to buy goods with well-know brands, the Hot Buys would suit you. The Hot Buys section has the best-selling premium brands with new low prices on popular products which worth taking a few minutes to check.

Zoro also has the Business Essentials section and New Products sections for savvy shoppers.

3. Free shipping & Returns

To get free shipping, you need to be signed up for an account and the order should over $50. There are no picking charges, packing charges, or handling fees, which are worth sign in.

If you’re a guest, your order should over $75 before tax to have free shipping. Otherwise, there’ll be shipping and handling charges added to the order.

If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days of shipment for full credit or exchange if the product is not damaged. However, some products may be non-refundable, check the page details carefully before paying the order.

If you order a non-refundable product, Zoro will advise you of the refund restrictions and offer you the option to cancel. So there’s no need to worry.


This post lists several ways to help you save money while shopping on Zoro. We’ll keep providing information and tricks to help our readers hammer down the prices on products across all brands and shopping sites.

By Iris Zheng

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