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Is Zodiac Compatibility Real? Which Sign Matches Me the Most

Is Zodiac Compatibility Real? Which Sign Matches Me the Most

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There’re just too many entertaining articles that almost exhaust all kinds of matches among the 12 signs, telling you they’re all perfect together. But what does authentic astrology say?

This post will show you how to grasp the method of telling the compatibility between any two zodiac signs. We’ll break down the complicated theories and show you the easiest way.

What does “my zodiac sign” mean?

In astrology, the true profile of a person is not one single zodiac sign, but the whole birth chart.

And when we say “my zodiac sign”, it actually means the zodiac sign at which the Sun lies on our birth chart. Different planets and stars refer to different life issues and aspects of you. The Sun in astrology represents the ego of ourselves. So the zodiac sign it connects to, namely “your sign”, tells a lot about what kind of a person you are.

What’s the best way to learn about my compatible soulmate?

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How to tell the compatibility between zodiac signs?

If you just want a proximate answer to see if you and your loved one match each other, to check on the compatibility between your zodiac signs of Sun can suffice. Here’s the essential method to tell if two zodiac signs match.

1. Relative positions of the zodiac signs

This is the foundation of measuring the compatibility between any 2 zodiac signs.

The above image shows the 12 signs in natural oder in a rounded chart. So their relative positions can be described in angles, a.k.a. “aspects” in astrology.

For example, 30° describes the adjacent position. And it’s known in astrology as the aspect of semi-sextile. The table below lists all the aspects for the 12 zodiac signs and their meanings when considered under compatibility:

30°Semi-SextileNothing special
60°SextileNothing special
90°Square / QuatileSame quality
120°TrineSame element
180°OppositionSame quality

2. Learn about the 4 elements

As shown in the table above, every two signs in the trine aspect (120°) belong to the same element. And so there’re 4 elements in total, each rules 3 zodiac signs. And most of the time, zodiac signs of the same elements get along well with each other.

  • Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Wind Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces

Besides, the fire and wind signs can find their commonality in the energetic and open-minded way of living, while the earth and water signs feel more comfortable in quietness and in a relative private and stable environment.

But when it comes to the outlook on life, fire and earth elements speak the same language as they all tend to put their efforts in the realistic physical world. And wind and water can understand each other more in their spiritual pursuit.

3. Look out for the 3 qualities

There’s another way of dividing the 12 zodiac signs, that is according to the 3 qualities they show. And as we can see in the table, zodiac signs in 90° and in 180° share the same quality.

  • Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
  • Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpion, Aquarius
  • Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

The square (90°) and opposition (180°) aspects are renowned bad relative positions. The square aspect means to have frictions all the time, while the opposition aspect means the total antonyms, the two sides of a coin.

So in general, zodiac signs having the same quality are not so compatible with each other. But the 3 qualities do have differences. In short, when it comes to the compatibility in love relationships, the cardinal > the fixed > the mutable.

And also, zodiac signs in opposition match slightly better than in square. Because constant frictions lead to instability, while the opposite strengths have at least a common ground, and sometimes they can reach a balance. But when discussing about the potential hurts and injuries in a relationship, two zodiac signs in opposition face more risks as this aspect triggers more intense.

4. Notice the unstable aspect

Now we have only one special aspect to think about, and that’s the inconjunct aspect (150°). It’s between the two powerful aspects of trine (120°) and opposition (180°). The trine aspect represents the highest compatibility while the opposition shows the inborn conflict.

Therefore, the inconjunct aspect is typically unstable under the influences of the two strongest aspects. And it’s sometimes jokingly called the “psycho aspect“.

But what would that instability manifest in love relationships? Well, two zodiac signs with this aspect have a great potential to experience obsession, infatuation as well as pain in a close relationship, kind of like a mindset of sadomasochism.

Whether such feelings and experiences display a high or low level of compatibility, we’ll leave that for you to judge.


To summarize the points, the best way to look at the compatibility between two people is to interpret their birth charts together, as birth chart can show way more information than just a zodiac sign.

But people’s zodiac sign of Sun does show something in their close relationships. And in the view of astrology, it’s all about the relative positions of the zodiac signs.

  • Signs at 120° have the highest compatibility, and such pairs are more commonly referred to as signs of the same element.
  • While the two angles of 90° and 180° show tendency of conflicts and frictions, and these two positions divide the 12 zodiac signs in 3 qualities. So basically zodiac signs with the same quality don’t get along well.
  • 150° is a complicated aspect as it often leads to deeply sweet but painful relationship. Some regard it as the signs of a good match, some don’t. And the judge is up to you.

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