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12 Zodiac Signs: Meaning, Dates and Compatibility | Astrological View

12 Zodiac Signs: Meaning, Dates and Compatibility | Astrological View

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We all might have these stereotypes: Arians are all brave but lack calculation, Pisceans cry and dream all day long, and Virgos are a bunch of perfectionists with mysophobia… But when it comes to our own zodiac sign, many would feel confusing about the labels: wait, I’m not like that at all!

Well, what does astrology truly say about the meanings of the 12 zodiac signs? This post brings you to the theoretical view on them, you’ll know not just the “whats”, but the “whys”.

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Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

What can I know from my zodiac sign?

The so-called “my zodiac sign” is a concept from a larger system in astrology, namely the birth chart. Like the image shows below, a birth chart includes all 12 zodiac signs. So yes, you have more than one zodiac sign to refer to. “My zodiac sign” in our daily conversation actually means our sun sign. And the sun sign represents the ego.

We know from Sigmund Freud’s theories that human personality can be structured into 3 parts: id, ego and superego. The ego balances your instincts and your morality. It’s the personality you show in reality. So it’s the part of you that you can be easily aware of and that you probably approve of as who you really are.

Therefore what you may see out of your zodiac sign is more about your ideology, about your core views on life. But it’s hardly accurate when you try to analyze what would be the common hobbies and habits of people based just on the same sun sign.

How to understand the zodiac signs in general?

The 12 zodiac signs are a categorizing method for life, for space and for time. Say life is a journey or a cycle, the zodiac signs can be viewed as the 12 stages of life, with Aries as the start and Pisces as the end.

While for the cognition of the space, the zodiac signs can be divided into 4 elements, with 3 signs in each: Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. It means that the world has 4 layers or say 4 major areas, in order: energy, substances, ideas and feelings. The former two build up the physical part of the world while the latter two belong to the spirits.

When it comes to the aspect of time, astrology uses 3 qualities to describe the development patterns of things: Cardinal means the start and the orientation, Fixed means the plateau or say the stable phase, and Mutable is the transition. Each quality shows itself in 4 signs.


Birth Dates: Mar. 21 – Apr. 19Element: Fire
Quality: CardinalPlanet: Mars

Aries is the first sign, symbolizing the start of life. They’re full of vitality, following the instincts and paying all the attention to their own desires. Just like their ruling planet Mars, Aries is a warrior. They need to fight and conquer and they feel most alive when they’re winning the challenges. Like a bud bursting out of the ground, Arians seek to break free of dark and death, and so to bring the first breath for life.

The best matches for Aries are Leo and Sagittarius, both from the fire element group. They understand the short fuse of Aries and can keep up with or even lead the pace. And they absolutely adore the openness and the ambition of Aries.

Scorpio can usually bring Aries obsessive experiences, as they’re hard to “conquer”. They’re deep thinkers, tight-lipped and demanding. Besides, Scorpio and Aries together often report to have electric sex experiences.

Aries could admire Gemini and Aquarius very easily as well, as these two signs are free and smart. Together they could develop a light-hearted relationship. But Aries might find it struggling to understand and get close to them.


Birth Dates: Apr. 20 – May 20Element: Earth
Quality: FixedPlanet: Venus

After Aries ignited the spring, now green covers the whole ground, the cardinal time turns to the fixed stage, and Taurus is born. For them, life is all about feeding and satisfying their 5 senses. The controlling planet Venus rules love and beauty and endows Taurus the ability to seek quality enjoyments and entertaining trends. Taurus can work hard and nonstop, but they only work for the physical or emotional rewards they could enjoy, like a farmer sows seeds only for the harvest.

Virgo and Capricorn can be a perfect partner for Taurus to realize their goal in the physical world, as they all belong to the earth element and therefore are all good at dealing with secular matters like earning money, building a career, etc. Together they usually have a stable marriage with pretty good life quality.

But when it comes to the emotional value, the unique and exciting taste that Taurus also seeks in a love relationship, Sagittarius and Cancer could fit better. It’s just Sagittarius has a high demand for freedom and is always changing, and Taurus might find it hard to secure the relationship. Meanwhile, Cancer is too introverted and cautious in a sense much like Taurus, which makes this pair hard to start a relationship in the first place.


Birth Dates: May 21 – Jun. 21Element: Wind
Quality: MutablePlanet: Mercury

Gemini comes as the first wind sign, and when they come, spring starts turning into summer. Their guarding planet is Mercury, who rules the area of information and transportation. And Gemini is just born for information. They have endless curiosity and unparalleled quick mind to explore and catch the traces in every corner. And they feel most content when they could bring the piece of information to where it’s needed. Learn, find and connect, full of fun and myths in life, that’s what keeps Gemini moving.

Aquarius is like the soulmate for Gemini. Aquarius is unique and odd, with so many myths to explore. While Gemini can truly grasp their peculiar ideas and understand their choices. Libra is another best match for Gemini. Libra has a lazy mindset but an open mind, while Gemini’s whims and impulses bring fun to their life all the time.

However, like a curious little kid, deep down in Geminis’ heart they need a home or shelter that they could always go back to. That’s when Gemini could explore the world without fear. In that sense, Gemini would find Leo a very good partner in the long run.

Also, Gemini is strongly attracted to Scorpio and Capricorn, and vice versa. However, these two pairs would probably find it hard to maintain a long-term relationship without pain.


Birth Dates: Jun. 22 – Jul. 22Element: Water
Quality: CardinalPlanet: Moon

Now summer truly comes, and the first water sign arrives: Cancer. Empowered by the Moon, which is the incarnation of feelings and feminine energy, Cancer can be the most sensitive zodiac sign you know. They represent the concept of home and deal with the themes of protection and caregiving. Cancer’s sole aim is to create a realm where they belong. They wholeheartedly support this realm, expecting reciprocal nourishment from the people within. If the realm is invaded or its inhabitants are hurt, they will fight and take revenge without hesitation.

With a sensitive heart and a high demand on emotional value, Cancer can find their best matches in the water signs: Scorpio and Pisces. These two signs can notice even the slightest emotional fluctuations of Cancer’s and respond at once, giving them the fullest sense of security.

Capricorn can be a good match for Cancer too. As the emotional value isn’t what Cancer only need to build a home that makes them feel safe and sound. The stability and the career ambition of Capricorn are what Cancer wants for their partner as well.


Birth Dates: Jul. 23 – Aug. 22Element: Fire
Quality: FixedPlanet: Sun
In astrology, the Sun is also referred to as a planet.

Leo brings the midsummer. It’s time for lives to thrive and party. And that reveals the keyword for Leo: hedonism. The world is like a big ball room for Leo and they want to shine to the brightest, like their guarding planet, the Sun. Life value for them lies in the praises and applauds. Not that they necessarily want to be the leader, but they want to feel important in the society or in their undertaking. “I want to create or be in a world full of laughter” – That should be Leos’ common wish.

When it comes to close relationships, Leo asks for nothing else but loyalty and fun. As a fire sign, Leo pairs perfectly with Aries and Sagittarius, as they are all energetic and forthright. They would respond to Leo’s decisions and wishes with warm affirmation. Also, these three fire signs all love taking adventures: Aries for conquering challenges, Leo for navigating through the game and making it to the top, and Sagittarius for expanding their knowledge boundaries.

Gemini and Capricorn can as well be a good match for Leo, but in different ways. No other couples can compare with the match of Leo and Gemini in seeking fun and staying happy. But Leo’s domineering nature and Gemini’s wild social circle could be a problem. As for Capricorn, they’re the best partner for Leo to have in supporting their career development.


Birth Dates: Aug. 23 – Sep. 22Element: Earth
Quality: MutablePlanet: Mercury

Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign, signaling the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Its core theme is the relationship between individuals and society, between idealism and realism. Ruled by Mercury, the God of information and transformation, Virgo excels at organizing and analyzing data. The ability to organize items, set up agendas, and discover patterns from details is what Virgo uses to contribute as an individual to the community they belong to. Finding their irreplaceable position in the world and devoting themselves to the progress of society – that is Virgo’s ideal of a worthy life.

Capricorn and Taurus, two other earth signs, are great matches for Virgo. The earth signs believe that only community of interests stays steady and lasts long. And no one is better at assisting and empowering a community as Virgo. While Capricorn’s ability to turn their ambition into reality makes Virgo feel reliable and that their hard work can be paid off. And Taurus’ clear goal for a quality and enjoyable life as well as their steady progresses appeals Virgo to join in the journey and can bring them a sense of safety and peace.

But Virgo can’t live in a life that serves only realistic purposes. They’re realistic only for realizing their ideals. So sometimes Sagittarius and Leo could make Virgo feel more alive and happy, and give them strength to stay strong and hang on in difficulties.


Birth Dates: Sep. 23 – Oct. 23Element: Wind
Quality: CardinalPlanet: Venus

Libra is the seventh zodiac sign. From this sign on, the themes the zodiac signs deal with shift from individual issues entirely towards communities and society. Libra symbolizes the general one-to-one relationship. Thus, the core value that Libra holds can be summarized in one word: balance. They always strive to find the midpoint to ensure their relationships with people are in the most sustainable state. Therefore, most of the time, you’ll find Libra to be a pushover. But if someone tries to severely disrupt the balance, you’ll see how quickly and forcefully Libra defends the equilibrium in their mind.

When it comes to the compatibility between Libra and other zodiac signs, you’ll find that Libra can get along with almost all the signs. But still, the other two wind signs, Aquarius and Gemini, can be better choices for Libra. As these two understand deeply how Libra hates the kind of relationship that’s too tight and controlled. Together with Aquarius and Gemini, Libra can taste freedom as well as sweetness at the same time.


Birth Dates: Oct. 24 – Nov. 21Element: Water
Quality: FixedPlanet: Pluto & Mars

In the late autumn, Scorpio is born. It’s guarded by two planets of destruction, bringing us to the deepest and the darkest area of humanity and of the world. Sex, violence, death… These words always appear in the stereotypes for Scorpio. But how are they connected inherently? Well, in the sense of fusion and merge. Scorpio’s mission is to face the most polarized powers and survive through them. The extreme happiness and desires, the heartbreaking pains and sufferings – Scorpio creates rebirth from facing both ends.

For Scorpio, 100% is the standard for love. So water signs like Pisces and Cancer could be the perfect partners that Scorpio wants. When Scorpio gives their love without reservation, Pisces is the one who can love back with no limits. The pair of Scorpio and Pisces is the incarnation of a ride-or-die romance.

While Cancer’s high demand on the sense of security and emotional value can be totally satisfied by Scorpio. And nothing compares with the firm protection and nurturing care that Cancer can give back.

Sometimes Aries and Gemini can be really attractive for Scorpio as well. The passion and openness of Aries are what Scorpio cannot resist. While Gemini’s buoyant lifestyle and sincere smiles are what Scorpio struggles to have. These two pairs can both make unforgettable love adventures. But adventures also mean risks. However, for Scorpio, it might still be worth it.


Birth Dates: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21Element: Fire
Quality: MutablePlanet: Jupiter

When autumn is fading and winter is calling, the ninth sign Sagittarius arrives. It’s a fire sign but has a mutable quality, which shows clearly in their personality: Compared with Leo and Aries that both belong to the Fire, Sagittarius is mildly passionate and energetic; compared with Gemini who’s also mutable, their pursuit of freedom is more firm and brave. Sagittarius doesn’t put their eyes on the present and the details. They’re always looking into the future, into the undeveloped orientations and boundaries. Life is to explore the unknown and to expand the limits of human knowledge and wisdom, that’s the philosophy of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius treats people with honesty, and their optimism is just heartfelt and contagious. That makes most of the zodiac signs adore them. But no one is like Aries who can love and support Sagittarius with their whole heart. Sagittarius decides on an orientation, and Aries would follow with no doubts. When facing obstacles, Sagittarius’ vision and committed faith would become the firmest backing for Aries.

Leo is another sign that’s perfect for Sagittarius. Leo’s brightness attracts Sagittarius tremendously, while Sagittarius’ unrestrained optimism and unstoppable progress on their own path are what Leo would admire.


Birth Dates: Dec. 22 – Jan. 19Element: Earth
Quality: CardinalPlanet: Saturn

The coming cold winter plus the energy of Saturn, the planet of challenges and suffering, shapes the very zodiac sign of Capricorn. Life isn’t easy and would never be easy for Capricorn. They always feel an urge to grow stronger, as deep down inside they have a pure, stubborn but fragile soul to protect. That soul won’t bend or compromise in front of the public orders and threatens. They hide their ambition safely in their heart, slowly accumulating and climbing, all the way to the top, trying to leave the world a legacy they create. That’s when they could finally set their soul free in a heavenly environment they earned and made.

Carrying a fragile but stubborn inner child, Capricorn has to be rational all the time to avoid risks they can’t take. So a long and steady relationship that brings both sides benefits is their first choice. But as their life is full of burden already, deep down they can’t resist people who’re romantic and soothing. Virgo and Taurus could be their perfect mates for satisfying these two aspects together.

Besides, Leo might trigger Capricorn’s admiration as they’re so bright, energetic and successful in their own field. And Gemini and Pisces are two signs that Capricorn always falls for but usually with pain. Gemini is so light-hearted, living a life that Capricorn’s inner child designs for themselves when they’re free. And Pisces may arouse Capricorn’s deepest need for pure and passionate love. But these two mutable signs are just too hard for Capricorn to capture and secure.


Birth Dates: Jan. 20 – Feb. 18Element: Wind
Quality: FixedPlanet: Uranus & Saturn

Aquarius is the second-last zodiac sign to appear. Many say that Aquarians are all weirdos who prefer to be marginal in the society. But that’s just a superficial observation. The essential value for Aquarius is to bring a new set of orders to their community and even to the world. Thus, their mind is weird as their way of thinking is just not the same as that of the mainstream. And they’re marginal as they call for reforms and even revolutions.

Aquarius has two ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. The former bestows upon Aquarians a systematic view, problem-oriented instincts, and the urge to subvert the system. The latter teaches them to bear burdens and endure misunderstandings.

Libra and Gemini, who are also in the wind element group, are the soulmates that Aquarius is looking for. Aquarius is so used to independence that only these two wind signs can give them enough space they need. Besides, it’s hard for Aquarians to find someone who’s more open-minded as Libra and Gemini, let alone who may find their peculiar ideas understandable and exciting.

Capricorn is also a good match for Aquarius, especially when they’ve found the career path they determined to take. Capricorn can provide steady supports in the physical world and Aquarius’ flexibility when facing obstacles and the will to stick to their original intention captures Capricorn’s heart. Together they could build a new world. But the problem is, their relationship is hard to last out of trust issues.


Birth Dates: Feb. 19 – Mar. 20Element: Water
Quality: MutablePlanet: Neptune & Jupiter

Snow is melting and the seeds are growing in the dark. Pisces arrives at the end of the zodiac cycle, but it brings news of the coming spring and new lives. It’s the zodiac sign with the most flexible personalities to show on the outside, as it blends all the features of the previous 11 zodiac signs. Pisces has strong instincts and senses for their own emotions, desires and ambitions, as well as for society’s. It has passed through all the themes that the other 11 zodiac signs had dealt with and taken a step forward in the metaphysics, aiming to find peace and the eternal answer for their own life as well as for all human beings.

If Libra’s high compatibility for all signs comes from its great skill of finding balance in each relationship, then Pisces can fit for all other signs truly because it can be shaped into anyone that others might need and want. Still, Cancer and Scorpio who are in the same element group would fit better for Pisces. Surrounded by the most supportive care and devoted love of a water sign, Pisces would feel content and most at ease. Besides, actually all kinds of emotions and sensations, no matter positive or negative, are what Pisces want to taste and experience. With another water sign Pisces can go on a most wild emotional ride that’s fascinating for themselves.

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By Chantel Huang

As one of Super Easy’s English writers, Chantel likes to bring her life philosophy to the page. For her, life is all about exploring and sharing. And what reflects that attitude is her rich and vast life experiences and skills which bring great value to our readers.

She's experienced in social media publishing and traveling. She’s in her twenties and has set her foot in 20+ countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. And she scheduled most of the tours all on her own, gaining lots of life-hacks as well as great abilities in internet research, information collection and shortcut solutions seeking. She manages a podcast and a video channel herself, earning over 10,000 views and 200+ followers in just one month. Her keen sense in entertainment and mature skills and knowledge in electronics and editing apps keeps producing quality content for our readers.

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