[NEW] Warpath Gift Codes – Updated March 2021

Warpath is a strategy war game where you can train your own army, combat on multiple battlefields, and expand your territory. As with many other games, If you’re a Warpath enthusiast, then you might have come across a term called Warpath Gift Codes.

Warpath gift codes are promotional freebies released by the game’s developer randomly. They give you in-game rewards such as gold, arms XP, crude oil, military supplies, and much more. If you’re looking for some active Warpath gift codes to get freebies, you’re at the right place.

Active Warpath Gift Codes

Below is a list of Warpath gift codes for you. Make sure you redeem these codes as soon as possible as most codes are time-restricted.

valentine2021200 gold bars, 2 speed up of building materials production for 60 minutes, 2 speed up of research technologies for 60 minutes, and x5 10,000 experience
theSpringFestival300 gold bars, 100k combat experience, 2 speed up of building materials production for 60 minutes, and 2 speed up of research technologies for 60 minutes
FORUM500k Oil
GAME500k Steel
IN500k War Funding
OUTx20 Boosts for 3 minutes, and x40 Boosts for building materials for 3 minutes
CHECKx20 Boosts for 3 minutes, and x40 Boosts for building materials for 3 minutes
Nywp200 Gold Bars, 500k War Funding, 500k Steel, 500k Oil, and 2 Boosts

How to Redeem Warpath Gift Codes

To redeem Warpath gift codes, you need to launch the game, then tap the profile avatar icon on the top-left corner of your screen. Tap Options > Gifts.

Enter the gift code you want to redeem, and then tap Draw to claim your rewards.

Warpath Gameplay Tips

Here’re some generally tips to improve your gameplay:

  • Always gather resources from the territory of the alliance. This gives you a buff of 25% gathering speed and the possibility to get a box depending on the level of the node.
  • Try completing as much campaign as you can. This can give you huge experience, Ammunition, components and gear over time.
  • Store your resources and only use them at events.
  • Penetration and non-penetration what are those, if you can penetrate your opponent unit you do 150% dmg if you cant you will do only 50%, this doesn’t apply to infantry.
  • Upgrade the barracks one by one not all at the same level.
  • Cleaning bunkers is better than clearing ravens because you can use the production rushes at events and also stored for better and well planned use.
  • Always keep a hefty military founds stockpile and enough personnel for defense.


So that’s the end of our guide for Warpath gift codes. Enjoy the free loot! We’ll keep updating the list once we found any new code, so be sure to check back for updates. You can also keep an eye on Warpath’s official social accounts such as @PlayWarpath on Facebook, and @play_warpath on Twitter for updates.

Feel free to contribute your ideas in the comments!

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