5% Off Walmart Grocery Coupon for Existing Users Apr 2021

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Walmart grocery is a much more affordable option compared with Instacart. As for this amazing service, you’ll probably wonder if you can save more, perhaps with Walmart grocery coupon for existing users.

In fact, Walmart.com offers very few coupons aside from honoring manufacturer coupons and prides itself on its Always Low Prices. In this post, we’ll show you everything you should know about saving money as an existing user.

Walmart Grocery Coupon

walmart new user discount

New user discount

The best coupon for Walmart new users is $10 off first $50, with promo codes below:

There’s also a free delivery code (up to $9.95 value):

Existing user discount

For existing users, the largest discount is 5% off on orders $50 or more.

Be careful about those websites that claim to give you $20 off, or even 50% off, because Walmart doesn’t do large discounts.

Walmart grocery sometimes does a slight discount if you order something online and pick it up in the store. You’ll also receive some promo codes as an apology if your order messes up.

So, when you see a discount that is too good to be true, you know that’s a fake one. These websites are trying to make money out of you via their affiliate links.

How to save money as an existing user?

We don’t know of any valid coupons for existing customers, but we’ll keep an eye out and update the post if we find any. These promo codes we find online are all invalid. Still, you can save a few bucks by following these methods:

1. Refer friends to get coupon

Walmart seldom gives coupon to existing customers. If you want to save $10, you can try referring Walmart grocery to your friends.

Walmart Grocery: Refer Friends

Send your referral link to friends who’ve never purchased on Walmart Grocery. You’ll save your friend $10 and earn $10 credit for yourself once they complete their first order.

2. Try Walmart Grocery Delivery Unlimited for 15 days

Walmart Grocery: Delivery Unlimited can help you skip the per-order delivery fee. It costs $12.95 monthly and $98 annual (save 37%).

Walmart Delivery Unlimited
Walmart Grocery: Delivery Unlimited

Delivery Unlimited comes with a free 15-day trial, and you can cancel it any time in Your Account > Delivery Unlimited > End Delivery Unlimited trial.

The advantage over Free Next-day Delivery is that Delivery Unlimited offers home delivery of meat, vegetable, eggs, etc. In addition, you have access to any available time slot.

Order as many deliveries as you’d like during your paid term, and you need not spend a minimum of $35.

You get not only groceries in your order – you can pick up a candle, grab a birthday gift for free while you’re at it.

3. Take advantage of Grocery Pickup discount

Walmart Grocery Pickup can save your time and allow you to plan your shopping list better, thus saving money spent on impulse while you’re at the store.

Walmart Pickup Service
Walmart Grocery Pickup

If you love saving money with Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices, Walmart Pickup makes it more affordable with Pickup Discount.

Walmart offers discounts on eligible, online-only items, and it will display the final discount on checkout when you select Pickup.

It also makes your shopping much easier to order online and pick up in store for free.

When there’s no Walmart nearby, they’ll deliver your order to a FedEx Office location. You’ll just need to select FedEx Office location at checkout.

You might wonder if the cost of online stuff is the same as in-store prices. For the grocery part, there’s no price difference. However, for walmart.com, if there’s a price difference, it will usually be cheaper online.

4. Earn cash back with Walmart Rewards Card

Walmart Rewards Card can save you 5% on every order at Walmart.com, including pickup & grocery. You can still enjoy 2% off when you shop in store and in Murphy’s USA gas stations. In addition, you can earn 1% cash back wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Walmart rewards card
Walmart Rewards Card

Note that there’s a slight difference between Capital One Walmart Rewards Card and a Walmart Rewards Card. What’s great about One Capital Rewards Card is that you can earn 2% cash back on restaurant and travel purchases. For all other purchases, you can earn 1% cash back.

5. Use a Cash Back app

Besides earning cash back with Walmart Rewards Card, the simpler way is to use a cash back app such as Ibotta, Checkout 51, Fetch Rewards etc. If you’re new to Ibotta, you can get a $20 bonus.


I know many rebate apps require uploading your receipt to receive your cash back. In Ibotta, you don’t have to. Earning cash back is super easy within a few clicks.

  • Link Walmart Account: You’ll just need to open Walmart Grocery page within the Ibotta app, then tap Link Walmart Account. Follow the steps to link your Ibotta.
  • Shop my store: Select Shop my store under the Pick & delivery.
  • Add to your list: Once successfully linked, browse hundreds of offers under Walmart Grocery (not Walmart) and add them to your list.
  • Start shopping: Shop on Walmart grocery app or walmart.com/grocery.
  • Get your cash: After receiving your delivery or picking up your order, you’ll get cash in 24 hours.

6. Earn free Walmart Gift Card

Earn $25 Walmart Gift Card is also a simple way to save money on Walmart Grocery. Note that gift card is not available for grocery pickup order.

Walmart Gift Card

You can earn $25 gift card by doing surveys, playing games or watching videos.

Alternatively, you can buy discounted gift cards from some retailers such as CardCookie, which you can save 3.5% on Walmart gift cards of $40, $72 or $100.


When it seems impossible to get Walmart grocery coupon for existing users, you can still save a few dollars if you try those methods above. We’ll keep looking for new promo codes and update our post as soon as we find some.

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