How to Use a VPN to Buy Things Cheaper Online in 2021

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Do you know that your current location is costing you money? Just switch to another location and you save money instantly. In this post, you will know how to buy things cheaper with a VPN.

I know many of you may worry about the legibility of using a VPN to make a purchase. The answer is “Yes, using a VPN is a legit way to save extra money on your purchases”. However, you can’t do it on every product.

What products can I buy cheaper with a VPN?

buy things cheaper with a vpn

1. Netflix

netflix logo

Netflix is available in the majority of countries around the world, but it’s worth noticing that Netflix has different pricing strategies for different regions.

When you subscribe to a Netflix plan from a country where they provide cheaper service, it’s a significant saving instantly. If you can buy Netflix cheaper with a VPN, how much can you save?

How much can you save on Netflix with a VPN?

netflix save money

Say if you’re living in the US, the premium plan costs you $17.99 per month. However, if you buy it from Turkey, it drops to $7.49! You save $126 on streaming content every year. When you split the cost with the other three, you make the monthly subscription fee as low as $1.87.

CountryCost Per Month (Local)Cost Per Month ($)
TurkeyTRY 54.99$7.49
ArgentinaARS 669$7.87
BrazilBRL 45.90$8.65
IndiaINR 799$10.90
South AfricaZAR 169$10.99
PhilippinesPHP 549$11.41
IndonesiaIDR 186,000$13.23
MalaysiaMYR 55$13.62
HungaryHUF 3,990$13.70
CanadaCAD 18.99$14.94

How to get Netflix premium at $7.49/month?

nordvpn watch tv

1) First, you need a VPN service that hosts servers in Turkey.

There’s always a paywall when you need to switch to a specific region (even when you choose those “free” VPNs), so we recommend you use a paid VPN such as Nord VPN, which has 15+ servers in Turkey. (Note that some VPNs can’t bypass Netflix’s restriction and even when you’re connected to Turkey, the price remains the same.)

Don’t pressure it since the paid VPN services always come with a 3-month money back guarantee. To make it more affordable, you can take advantage of Nord VPN’s 75% OFF discount codes.

2) Once you have the Nord VPN, log in and you can change your IP address to Turkey easily.

turkey nord vpn

3) Just shop as you normally do and purchase a plan that best suits your needs.

netfix plans

4) Finish your payment with one of the cards below.

netflix pay

Congrats! Start your premium membership right away at $7.49/month. Now share the premium plan with your family and all of you can set up separate profiles.

Interested in what else you can buy cheaper with a VPN? Below we’ll show you how to save money on your Spotify premium!

2. Spotify

spotify logo

The cost of Spotify premium varies very differently depends on which country you’re living in. But with VPNs, saving money is easy-peasy. First, let’s take a look at the pricing difference in the table below.

How much can you save on Spotify with a VPN?

save money on spotify

The country you might live in:

(price in USD)
(price in USD)
(price in USD)
United Kingdom$12.21$18.32$6.10
United States$9.99$14.99$4.99

Make your Spotify premium as low as $1.58 when you buy it from these countries:

(price in USD)
(price in USD)
(price in USD)
South Africa$3.23$5.38/

I choose the 12-month premium family plan, which costs me 2149 INR ($28.96) a year. This will save you over $190 every year if you purchase a Spotify Family plan if you live in the UK ($150+ savings for those in the US).

If you purchase the individual plan monthly plan, and you will need to spend $1.58 every month on your music streaming service, which saves you $10.58 instantly ($8.41 savings for those in the US).

How to make Spotify premium cheaper with a VPN?

vpn nord

Here’s how to buy Spotify premium starting at $1.58/month:

1) Clear your browser cache and make sure you’re connected to India using NordVPN.

nordvpn india

2) Go to Spotify India, and select the plan you want.

spotify buy

3) Log in to your Spotify account.

spotify log in

4) Now you will be able to confirm your plan and choose how long you prefer to keep Spotify Premium (no auto-renew).

premium family

5) Select your payment method and set up your membership right away.

payment methods

How did it go? Get access to millions of songs at $1.58 every month. Now it’s music time!

3. Amazon Prime

amazon prime logo

Amazon Prime Video is another streaming service that varies significantly depends on your region. It’s currently available worldwide (except for Mainland China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria).

How much can you save on Amazon Prime?

save money on amazon prime

In the US, Amazon Prime costs you $12.99/month. However, you can purchase Amazon Prime at $1.76 when you’re using a VPN and change your IP address to India. To enjoy the largest possible library of TV shows and movies, you can change your IP address to the United States later, or do nothing if you live there.

CountryTotal Library SizeCost Per Month (Local)Cost Per Month ($)
India2351RS 129$1.76
Australia4940AUD 6.99$4.96
South Africa4250USD 5.99$5.99
United Kingdom11066GBP 5.99$7.68
Canada6130CDN 7.99$6.11
Sweden4338EUR 5.99$6.83
Finland4338EUR 5.99$6.83
Norway4308EUR 5.99$6.83
United States18246USD 12.99$12.99

If you live in the US, you will save $11.23 every month on Amazon Prime. If you purchase a 12-month membership using an Indian IP address, it only costs you 999 INR ($13.45) every year.

How to get the cheapest Amazon Prime?

amazon prime

Here’s how to make sure you purchase the cheapest possible Amazon Prime:

1) Make sure you’re using a strong VPN such as Nord VPN (some VPNs can easily get detected by Amazon) and change your location to India.

connect to an Indian server

2) Go to Amazon India, and sign in with your Amazon account. Once done, click the JOIN PRIME NOW banner at the upper right corner.

amazon india

3) You will be redirected to, and you may need to log in again. Then you can choose between a 3-month subscription and an annual subscription. The annual subscription would provide a better value if you need Prime Video for a whole year.

prime video change country

4) Complete the payment and then you’re good to go.


It’s worth mentioning that US Prime Video subscribers enjoy by far the biggest library, so you might as well connect to a US server by using a strong VPN. A VPN like Nord VPN can navigate any barriers that Amazon has to combat VPNs.

If you have used a strong VPN to connect to a US server and you still can’t access the content you want on Amazon Prime Video, clear the cache and reset your settings, and then reconnect.

4. Adobe CC

adobe cc

For designers, photographers, vloggers, Adobe CC is a must. However, Creative Cloud is always so expensive, especially for young people who just have started their careers. The good news is that you can use a VPN to make it more affordable.

How much can you save on Adobe CC with a VPN?

For people who live in the US, the price of Adobe plans for individuals are listed below:

Photography 20G
(Lr + Ps)
All AppsPhotoshopPremiere ProIllustratorInDesignAfter Effects

However, if you purchase Adobe CC All Apps from Russia, you will be amazed at how much you can save every month.

Photography 20G
(Lr + Ps)
All AppsPhotoshopPremiere ProIllustratorInDesignAfter Effects
598,80 ???2318,40 ???1 622,40 ???1 622,40 ???1 622,40 ???1 622,40 ???1622,40 ???

There’s a 40% off discount for “All Apps” subscriptions, and you can save over $20 every month if this is your go-to option. However, you may notice that other plans are even more expensive. If you’re interested in other plans, you will find that there’s no serious price drop when you select another country. Therefore, we don’t recommend you put so much effort into this.

How to make Adobe CC cheaper with a VPN?

1) Go to Adobe Russia, and click ??????? ? ????? ??? ?????? to stay in the Russian site.

adobe cc russia

2) Click ?????????? ? ?????? > ??? ????? ? ???? to see all the plans.

view all plans

3) Click the ?????? (Buy) button.

all plans

4) Confirm your purchase and fill in your email address to continue.

checkout page

Note that you should sign up for a new Adobe account with an email address that you haven’t been used before.

5) Proceed to checkout, and you set up your payment method.

How did it go? If anything went wrong, you can leave your question in the Comments section below.

5. Car rentals

car rentals

Gone are the days when you can rent a car cheaper with a VPN (not to mention booking airline tickets or hotels). Since the car rental industry seems to be less discriminatory on location than before, you won’t notice any significant price droppings when you use a VPN server.

How much can you save on car rentals with a VPN?

no savings with a VPN

In the past, you can always get a 20%~50% “discount” with a VPN but things are quite different now. Instead, you can use a coupon code to make it cheaper.

5% off10% off25% off10% off10% off

There you have it – all possible ways to save on your future purchase with a VPN. In case of any changes, we’ll keep this post updated so that you won’t waste time trying all of them out yourself.

If there’re other services that you can buy cheaper with a VPN, you can share with others in the Comments section below!

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