[Updated] Roblox King Piece Codes: Free Beli (November 2020)

If you’re a huge One Piece fan and an avid Roblox gamer, you definitely can’t miss out on the latest King Piece. The One Piece gigs and flexible mechanism make the game too fun to put down. And as a bonus, Thai Piece allows players to redeem a variety of community codes for free stuff. If you’re on the lookout for them, you’ve hit the right spot.

Here we’ve dug up Twitter, Fandom and Discord just to gather the latest working codes for King Piece. Dig in while they’re hot!

Table of contents

Working codes (Updated November 2020)

If you’re copying the code, be sure to delete any whitespace when you’re redeeming.

New codes are ready, act quick before it’s too late!

50KLIKES Stat Reset (Use with care)
OpOp100,000 Beli
60MVISITS100,000 Beli
UpdateGem3 Gems
QuakeQuake100,000 Beli
BeckyStyle100,000 Beli
Peodiz100,000 Beli
TanTaiGaming100,000 Beli
KingPieceComeBack100,000 Beli
DragonIsStrong100,000 Beli
REDBIRD100,000 Beli
MIUMA100,000 Beli
TanTaiGaming100,000 Beli
100KFAV 100,000 Beli

Expired codes (Updated November 2020)

Unfortunately, these codes are no longer redeemable.

  • 90KFavorites
  • 35MVisit
  • Peerapat
  • Threeramate
  • Thanakorn
  • BeckComeBack
  • 20MVisit
  • 26kLikes
  • 23kLike
  • 22kLike
  • ReduceLagMap
  • BestEvil
  • Makalov
  • 45MVISIT

How to redeem codes in King Piece

Now that you’ve got the latest working codes, you can follow these steps to use them in the game:

  1. Launch King Piece.
  2. At the top left corner of your screen, click Menu.
  3. Select Code.
  4. Click Put Code Here and type or paste your code (Without any whitespaces!). Then click Accept and enjoy the freebie.

How to get more codes

If you enjoy King Piece, surely you don’t want to miss out on any upcoming codes. To grab more codes, you can stay tuned to these platforms:


There’ll absolutely be more codes coming to King Piece. So be sure to act quick when you get hold of any. Also, you can stick around the page as we’ll keep the list up to date as soon as we can.

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