Uber Eats Promo Codes For Free Delivery/First Order – August 2022


If you’re looking for Uber Eats discount codes for free delivery and first time order, you’re in the right place. While discounts like $20 off and 50% off seem too good to be true, free delivery and first time promo surely sound more legit—after all they’re basically offered by every online store.

In this article, we’ll give you all the codes you want, and show you how to save even more on Uber Eats.

Uber Eats promo codes for free delivery & first order

To get the discount, you can, as many people normally would, search, copy and verify the promo codes one by one. But time is money, and there’s actually a better way to do that.

If you’re tired of searching and just want to grab a working code real quick, definitely give Coupert a try. It’s a powerful browser extension that helps you find and verify all the codes automatically. With Coupert there’ll be no more searching for codes, and you can always get the best deals in Uber Eats.

  1. To get every working discount in Uber Eats, all you need to do is add Coupert to your browser.

  2. Then go to Uber Eats, and you’ll see all the promo codes in Coupert.

If you don’t have the time for Coupert, you can visit the Driver Easy Coupon site to get the latest Uber Eats promo codes.

Uber Eats Promo Codes

Tricks to save more on Uber Eats

We all know that we can get a discount using promo codes. In fact, there’re several ways to save more on top of that.

1. Get Cash Back from Uber Eats

Cash back is no doubt life-hackers’ favorite—after using the promo code, you can still get a few bucks back. Whether you’re a new user or a regular, you can always use this hack to save more.

Also it’s quick and easy to get started. To get the greatest cash back from Uber Eats, you can check out Extrabux. It’s one of the best cash back platforms that always cut you the best deals. With Extrabux, you get up to 30% of your purchase price back when you buy from one of 10,000+ participating stores.

To start getting cash back on your normal purchases, just sign up for free and start shopping.

2. Become a “new” user

Usually the best deals we have would be the first time discount. But there’s actually a way you can relive that moment.

To get the first order promo, you need a phone number that is new to Uber Eats. If you don’t happen to have one at hand, you can take a look at Textnow. It’s a free phone service that can give you a new number in a few seconds.

3. Save more with Eats Pass

Eats Pass is sort of a Uber Eats premium. With $9.99 a month, you get free delivery and 5% off orders over $15. If you’re an Uber Eats foodie, having Eats Pass might get you a pretty sweet deal. Not to mention the extra you can save by using promo codes and cash back with Coupert and Extrabux.

By Marcus Liang

As a writer at supereasy.com, Marcus possesses a special insight about computer issues and life hacks. In the quest of personal fulfillment, he writes handy tutorials and shares fresh information to help improve people's lives. In his free time, he's obsessed with programming and web-developing.

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