[NEW] Tensura: King of Monsters Codes – December 2022

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: King of Monsters is a gacha role-playing game that features great character designs and nice gameplay. In this game, you play as a cute Slime, eat various item shards and materials to activate different combat attributes and skills, and complete missions to become the strongest slime.

You can unlock various items in-game, such as Fetters Contracts, Sliver Coins, EXP Magic Bottles, and more, by completing missions or spending in-game currency. Otherwise, if you want exclusive in-game items for free, then you can use codes and redeem them.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of active Tensura: King of Monster redeem codes, how to use these codes, and general tips for the game.

Active Tensura: King of Monsters Codes

Tensura: King of Monsters codes are promotional freebies released by the game’s developer randomly. Below is a list of codes to help you get free rewards. Make sure you redeem these codes as soon as possible as most codes are time-restricted.

0SbbUeS0Q1 Fetters Contract, 2 Elementary EXP Magic Bottles
RimuruTempest Fetters Contract x5, Rank A Random Contract
slime0126 Crystal Rock x50, Silver x18888, Elementary EXP Magic Bottle x18
slime888 Fetter Contract, Crystal Rock x100, Silver x8888
slime666 Fetter Contract, Crystal Rock x100 , Elementary EXP Magic Bottle x6
slime2021 Crystal Rock x100, Silver x8888, Elementary Magicule Potion
museslime2021 Stars Contract x3, Crystal Rock x388, Intermediate Magicule Potion
We’ll keep adding new codes once there are any available. If you want to stay updated, bookmark this guide and check back regularly.

How to Redeem Tensura: King of Monsters Codes

You can redeem Tensura: King of Monsters codes in-game. First, you’ll need to run the game. Next, tap the level icon on the top-left corner of your screen. Tap the Redemption Code button in the pop-up screen, then enter the redeem code you want to use. Tap Confirm to claim your rewards.

Tensura: King of Monsters Tips

Stuck in one of the story missions? Don’t fret, here’re some tips to help you proceed:

  • Get EXP potions from the Resource farm and level up your characters.
  • Grind your characters to their maximum level to increase the existing level cap and unlock skills.
  • Equip and enhance gear on your characters to increase their ATK power.
  • Be sure to claim daily rewards such as login bonuses, especially the free energy at given times in-game.
  • Get extra rewards by completing daily and weekly quests.
  • Get as far as you can in every content to obtain special rewards such as story, elite stages, challenges, etc.

That’s the end of our guide for Tensura: King of Monsters. Hopefully, it helped. If you have any questions or additions to this guide, please feel free to leave a comment below.

By Ellie Zhuang

Content crafter at Super Easy. Ellie is a foodie at heart who also happens to be an extreme couponer. She enjoys discovering new and helpful coupon tips and tricks.In addition to writing for Super Easy, she also posts technical guides, tips, and how-tos at Driver Easy.

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