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What Does Your Sun, Moon And Rising Mean | Astrology Tips

What Does Your Sun, Moon And Rising Mean | Astrology Tips

When you look up your daily horoscope or watch a psychic reading video, you probably often see and hear the phrase “Sun, Moon, and Rising”. What do they refer to and how do we interpret them? Let me break down the relevant astrological theory into easily intelligible tips for you.

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1. They Are Your Zodiac Signs

Yes, the “Sun, Moon, and Rising” all refer to your zodiac signs. But that’s confusing, as normally we’re told to have one and only zodiac sign and it’s fixed by our birth date. Well, the so-called “my zodiac sign” that we usually identify ourselves with indicates only our sun sign. Then where come the moon and the rising signs?

2. They Are on Your Birth Chart

Your birth chart is a special horoscope serves only your life. It’s like a snapshot of the sky taken from the earth on your birthday, capturing the allocation of celestial bodies at that moment. The 12 zodiac signs align themselves in order and form the big outside circle of the chart, each one ruling a 1/12 section of it. The example chart below has the sun falling into the section of Capricorn, so we say the chart owner has a sun sign of Capricorn, or say “they are a Capricorn” in everyday language.

Example birth chart from ASTROSEEK
Example birth chart from ASTROSEEK

That’s why and how you have actually many zodiac signs to refer to. The sun sign is the zodiac section your sun falls into, the moon sign marks the sign’s realm your moon lies in, while the rising sign means the sign that the horizon line passes through.

See our article What Is A Birth Chart | Meaning & How To Interpret for more information about your birth chart.

3. They Reveal Your Personality

If we have so many signs on our birth chart, then why are these three always mentioned together and so frequently? That’s because the meanings of our Sun, Moon, and Rising, or say their functions, are very crucial.

We’ve all heard about the proverb: your character is your destiny. This reminds us how profound the influences of our personality are on every aspect of our lives. And the three signs of yours represent exactly three parts of your personality.

I found that the three parts fit perfectly well with the personality theory of Sigmund Freud’s. So I’ll use it to explain the Sun, Moon, and Rising to you.

The Sun Sign Is Your Ego

Freud believed that personality consists of three layers: the id, the ego and the superego. And your sun sign shows the image of your ego.

The ego layer grows out of the interactions between the original you and the world, and it would finally find the balance and become steady. So it’s the character that you show in reality and that you normally would acknowledge to be yours. It reflects the values that you realize you’re holding. This is also the reason why you probably resonate the most with the descriptions of your sun sign.

What do 12 different sun signs represent and look like? See article 12 Zodiac Signs: Meaning, Dates and Compatibility | Astrological View.

The Moon Sign Is Your Id

Id, the original you. It’s associated with your subconscious, your instinct and your biological needs and desires. Therefore, as you were just a little baby out of your mom’s tummy, the character you showed was the id, and it was how your moon sign looks like. But as we grow up and learn how to live in this world, our ego gradually matures and comes to the dominant place of our personality and of our consciousness.

So where do we observe the traces of our moon sign? In our private space, close relationships, and our emotions that are not to be explained with reasons.

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The Rising Sign Is Your Superego

The rising sign is also known as the ascendant sign, that’s why its astrological mark is ASC. As we know from Freud’s theory, the superego deals with your morality. It’s the perfect image in your mind, pictured by the social ideology absorbed and formed within you. Basically the balance that the ego tries to find is between your instinct and your morality, thus between your id and your superego.

Superego or say the character of your rising sign is hard to hold on to in your long-term social interactions, as it’s the ideal version of you, the part of your personality that’s not easy for you to maintain. And probably in close relationships that’s the image you don’t really want to maintain. But most people do tend to show their rising sign in public. It works then as a social mask, bringing us a sense of security.

4. They Have Extensive Uses

To understand the meanings of our Sun, Moon, and Rising in the aspect of personality is to grab the essentials. However, how should your Sun, Moon, and Rising or even your birth chart be interpreted, it depends on your intention and need. That means except from the angle of personality, we could use our Sun, Moon, and Rising to paraphrase a whole lot of other things.

To Check Horoscope

For example, when you’re checking your daily horoscope and trying to figure out your fortune in a certain period of time, I would recommend you to look at the horoscope of your sun or rising sign.

To associate it with what we’ve learned, I encourage you to think about it in this way: These two layers of personality are what we do show in our daily life and especially in our social space, where interactions with people, opportunities and influences from the environment appear. And these things are ultimately what we want to look into when we’re reading our horoscope.

To Understand Relationship Mode

Also, as the moon sign means essentially what we were born with, it could indicate your relationship with your mother. And because it’s your id in personality, you could observe your emotional and behavioral mode in your close relationships through your moon sign.

Now you know what your Sun, Moon, and Rising in astrology truly mean. Hopefully, my examples have inspired you towards a flexible way of processing what we’ve learned about these three critical signs in the post.

However, if that’s not enough for you, and you’re curious about more details in your birth chart, in your relationship dilemma, or in your personal growth issues, etc, you’re welcomed to read other related articles of mine or to try and chat with an experienced psychic.

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