[New] Summoners War Codes List

[New] Summoners War Codes List

Summoners War is an action-packed fantasy RPG mobile game with over 100 million gamers around the world. In the game, you can decorate your village, fight in PVP battles, train monsters, and more. If you want to fully enjoy the game, don’t miss the Summoners War codes. The codes will give you in-game items for free. Come and redeem codes for free manna, energy, crystals and other free items!

[Active] Summoners War codes

Please redeem the below codes when you see them because we don’t know when will the codes expired. If there’s enough people using these codes, they will deactivate, so please act quick when you see this post. If you find the codes are expired, please leave a comment to let us know, so we can remove it.

SW2021JAN411 Mystical Scroll
SWSEATHANKS1 Mystical Scroll

[Expired] Summoners War codes

  • SEAAUDAY20K                          
  • 2GETHERSWC2020
  • LAOTIE666
  • NIHAOSWC2020
  • SW2020OCT71
  • NIHAOSWC2020
  • SWC20207777
  • SW2020NOV64
  • SWC2020AINI 
  • MEGASWC2020 
  • nextupapac20

How to redeem Summoners War codes

  1. Open the game, click the EVENT button on the right of the screen.
  2. Click the Game Guide menu on the left of the pop-up window.
  3. Scroll down to find the ENTER YOUR PROMO CODE HERE section and click it.
  4. Copy and paste the code in the redemption section and click Enter.
  5. Receive your rewards.


That’s it, you know the working Summoner War codes and know how to redeem them. If you want to get more codes but don’t know where and how, you can bookmark this page or our site, we’ll update the post when there’s new codes get released. Also, if you find codes are no longer available, please drop a comment to let us know. We’ll remove the expired codes when we see your comment.

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