25% Off Stitch Fix Promo Codes for Sep 2021

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Working Promo Codes for Stitch Fix

There’re no active online codes that could cut your Stitch Fix bills immediately. However, you can still enjoy its great deals and special offer to save you at leat $25 on your next purchase.

Stitch Fix Promo Code 25% Off

25% Off Entire Site

Refer Family or Friend to Get $25 Reward

If you find Stitch Fix is something worth sharing, you can earn rewards by doing so. As a thank you, you’ll get $25 credit for every friend who checks out from their first Fix.

How to Make Stitch Fix a Real Fix?

Having a personal shopper putting together all the outfits can save you a lot gas bills and parking fees. You grab the package at the door and try them out from the comfort of your home. Now you have all your family members here for you to help you decide. If they’re not around, you have Zoom. Plus, you can take your time without worrying about crazy crowd and sometimes annoying shop assistants.

You may love it or just hate it. If none of five curated items fits, it still costs you $20. Luckily, if you keep any one of the items, you save the $20 pre-paid styling fee. What makes it a real bargain is when you love every single item in the box. The “Buy All” discount will save you 25% at checkout.

Therefore, it’s really important to make your personal stylists know you better. Just spend 20 minutes more to do the following things, you’re gonna enjoy a better price and make Stitch Fix a better fix.

1. Take Advantage of the Notes Section

When you sign up, you’ll be prompted to take a few quizzes about your fashion preferences. Don’t stop here. You should also provide any information that better present what you love to wear.

What to include? If you like the way a celebrity dresses, do say it. Or if you find an outfit really charming, you can put it there. If you’re a bohemian at heart, say so. Anything reveals who you really are or what you love.

2. Create a Pinterest Board

You’ll be asked to add a Pinterest board when filling in the questionare. But don’t put everything on it. Just the items or outfits you will definitely love to wear in daily life.

Add notes to your pins if possible, which will better inform them of what you like and why you like it. These stylists are totally strangers to you, so make sure you’ve added everything that might help. Believe me, you won’t like the disappointment of keeping nothing for $20.

3. Detailed Feedback to Your Stylist

Before you have your box shipped, don’t hesitate to ask for anything specific: colors, sizes, styles etc. If you receive a bad fix, do tell your stylists why you don’t like it. The more specific, the better. You may also contact them and see if they can apply the styling fee to another fix. No 100% success, but you can still try. They’re particular patient dealing with constumers’ frustrations. If you get a wrong size, or find a flaw in one of them, ask for an exchange for free.

The most luckiest thing is you have the stylist who totally gets you. If you receive a perfect fix, ask for the same stylist again by name. Over time, they may become the guy who can always send you the items you love.

4. Lower Your Expectations

There’s no guarantee to always get what you want. That’s a bummer of all subscription boxes. After all, you’re safeguarded with free returns and free exchange. What worth mentioning is they also have a price-matching policy, so you can have a difference refund if you find a lower price within 7 days.

If Stitch Fix is not the ideal box for you, you can still find other alternatives – Top 5 Clothing Subscription Box you can’t miss out.

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