[NEW] Standoff 2 Promo Codes Full List – May 2021

Standoff 2 promo code

Standoff 2 Promo Codes are a set of codes released by the game developers, which gamers can redeem to get weapons and skins as rewards. If you’re looking for those codes to make your gaming journey more interesting, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a full list of codes that are currently available. They do have deadlines, though, so act fast!

Table of contents:

Complete list of working codes

Below is the full list of Standoff Promo Code that are currently available. Redeem them before they expire.

Standoff 2 promo code

Promo Code: RN9A-Kunai-XBE11-TRU5
Reward: Kunai Luxury

Reward: Redeem this code and get 1k

Standoff 2 promo code

Promo Code: BFT-5SEKRE-TFREE234D44
Reward: Butterfly Starfall knife

Promo Code: QDLXyFpTNzX
Reward: Redeem this code and get 500

Promo Code: k7ncPSWTd7h
Reward: Desert Eagle Predator

Promo Code: eFzImkLNPU3
Reward: Fable Case

Promo Code: WI9ur8ysGDR-fxKco
Reward: Scorpion Case

Reward: AKR Nano Stattrack

We’ll update this page once developers release new codes. So it’s a good idea to bookmark this page to get the working Standoff 2 Promo Codes.

Complete list of expired codes

Unfortunately, these codes are no longer available. So stop trying.

  • RN7A-Starfall-XBE1-TRU3
  • SOA22-3PLO4-a900P-S2E59
  • hf6xArtPawd-4
  • 93LH-6O1N-CPL1-OM19
  • HN53-C1DC-442X-NX68
  • L9H6-MN01-1N1M-1ULO
  • AH42-PL7O-11SN-HUS0
  • GMYT1000G000
  • 1XY9MW3216
  • 1XY8MW3215
  • 1XY7MW3214
  • 1XY6MW3213
  • 1XY5MW3212
  • 1XY4MW3211

How to redeem codes

Redeeming Standoff 2 Promo Codes is very simple. Here are the steps you can take:

1) Enter the game. On the menu section, tap on the gun icon.

redeem promo code Standoff 2

2) Tap on SHOP > PROMOCODE. Enter the code into the box and then tap on APPLY.

how to redeem promo code in Standoff 2

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