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Sorcerer Fighting Simulator Codes – Updated 2024

Sorcerer Fighting Simulator Codes – Updated 2024

Sorcerer Fighting Simulator is a fascinating game on Roblox where you train in the most prestigious academy of Magic and rank up to be a powerful sorcerer. You need to do staff swings, push-ups, pay mana, and complete quests in the game to level up. Otherwise, you’ll need to use promo codes to get all the mana you need for ranking up. If you’re looking for active Sorcerer Fighting Simulator codes to claim freebies, then you’re at the right place!

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of active Sorcerer Fighting Simulator redeem codes, how to use these codes, and how to rank up in this game.

What is the Sorcerer Fighting Simulator Code

Sorcerer Fighting Simulator codes can be used to redeem free items such as gems, Mana and other exclusive rewards in-game. They help you become the greatest in various Magic types so you can defeat your enemies and the evil.

Active Sorcerer Fighting Simulator Codes

Check the latest Sorcerer Fighting Simulator code below to claim your share of rewards now! If you find any codes that’re not working, please let us know and we’ll remove them as soon as possible. Thanks!

tyforthe75klikes10000 gems
reached65klikes600 Mana
happynewyear Mana Boost 1 hour 
merrychristmas Mana
ty4twentymil1 hour of Mana per minute
reaching50klikes1 hour of Mana per minute
awesome5mil30 minutes of Mana per minute
amazing25klikes30 minutes of Mana per minute
alargefamily2 hours of Mana per minute
tenkaylikes15 minutes of Mana per minute
thanksfor10milvisits5000 gems
onehundredkmembers5000 gems
thankyou25000 gems
halfamilvisits1500 gems
tyfor1klikes1000 gems
sub2kgts1000 gems
release200 gems
welcome100 gems

How to Redeem Fighting Simulator Codes

Here’s how to redeem Fighting Simulator codes:

  1. Run the game.
  2. Click the Trophy icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3. Enter the code you want to use in the box.
  4. Click SUBMIT.

Sorcerer Fighting Simulator Ranking System

Ranks are a mechanic in Sorcerer Fighting Simulator. As you rank up, you’ll be able to get more mana every minute. Below are ranks in the game, requirements and cost for ranking up, and how many mana you’ll get in each rank.

RankRequirementsCostMana per Minute
NoviceNone0 Mana10
Student20 Staff Swings and 20 Pushups500 Mana20
Senior100 Staff Swings and 80 Pushups2,000 Mana50
Apprentice500 Staff Swings and 400 Pushups7,500 Mana100
Spell Bearer1,000 Staff Swings and 800 Pushups20,000 Mana200
Alchemist3,000 Staff Swings and 2,000 Pushups100,000 Mana500
Enchanter10,000 Staff Swings and 7,000 Pushups500,000 Mana1,000
Magic Leader20,000 Staff Swings and 15,000 Push Ups1,250,000 Mana2,500
Wizard50,000 Staff Swings and 35,000 Pushups3,500,000 Mana50,000
Supernatural100,000 Staff Swings and 70,000 Pushups15,000,000 Mana15,000
Conjurer 160,000 Staff Swings and 125,Pushups75,000,000 Mana25,000
Hex Master250,000 Staff Swings and 180,000 pushups150,000,000 Mana50,000
Cryptomancer330,000 Staff Swings and 250,000 Pushups300,000,000 Mana100,000
Mentalist400,000 Staff Swings and 320,000 Pushups450,000,000 Mana200,000
Void Hunter480,000 Staff Swings and 385,000 Pushups550,000,000 Mana350,000


So that’s it for this post. Thanks for reading! We’ll keep updating this post once there’re new codes available, so please bookmark this page and check back often. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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