[Solved] WhatsApp Not Working On PC

WhatsApp is a very convenient messaging app for users. We use it for work and relax, it’s an essential part of daily life. The WhatsApp desktop and web version makes it easy to uploading and saving work messages and files. It’s really frustrating when WhatsApp is not working. Don’t worry, this post may help.

Check your network

Make sure your internet connection is working and you device has connected to the internet properly. WhatsApp is not working when there’s a problem with your internet connection.

If you’re able to open other webpages, check your smartphone. When it’s offline, WhatsApp desktop/web might not open. You may get “Make sure your phone has an active internet connection” message on PC.
Make your smartphone online and retry your WhatsApp on PC.

If your PC is offline, reconnect Wifi. You can restart router and reboot the PC.

If WhatsApp is not working on both devices but the network is fine, check WhatsApp server status. If it’s from their ends, we have to wait till they fix the issue.

Run in compatibility mode

Depending on the version of Windows you’re using, you may have to toggle the compatibility mode for the classic WhatsApp desktop program.

  1. Right-clicking on the WhatsApp icon, then select Properties.
  2. Click on the Compatibility tab, then select Run this program in compatibility mode, select your operating system, and hit OK.

If you’re using WhatsApp web, you need to check browser compatibility. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge are browsers that are compatible with WhatsApp Web.

Other browsers such as Vivaldi, Internet Explorer, and Maxthon is incompatible browser. You need to use compatible alternative browser to open WhatsApp Web.

Update WhatsApp desktop

Download the updates is a working solution for some users. The latest version would fix some issues and add new features, if you’re using the old version, updating WhatsApp program in Microsoft Store and see if it fix the problem.

  1. Enter Microsoft Store in the search box and select to open.
  2. Select More  > Downloads and updates > Get updates.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to update the WhatsApp desktop app.

For WhatsApp Web users, update your browser to the latest version. It’s because WhatsApp Web doesn’t necessarily support every version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. So check that your browser is the latest version.

Repair/reset the app

This is the final solution for WhatsApp not working issue: reset or repair the app.

  1. Pressing the Windows key + I and click Apps.
  2. Head to Apps & Features. Locate WhatsApp, select it, and click Advanced options. Scroll down and click on the Reset or Repair button, then follow all instructions.

If it’s not working, you need to uninstall the program completely and reinstall it.

For WhatsApp Web users, you can also reset your browser to fix the issue. Most browsers include resetting options that will restore them to their default settings, erase browsing data and turn off extensions. This feature would ensure there aren’t any extensions on that might hamper WhatsApp Web.

This was all about how to fix the WhatsApp stopped working issue. If it doesn’t work, you can try contacting WhatsApp twitter for help. Feel free to ask any doubts or queries through comments below.

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