Solved | How to Bypass Discord Ban

Solved | How to Bypass Discord Ban

It’s quite annoying when you do Discord ban as a joke, when the server unbanned you it’s still doesn’t let you in. Or you got banned from your favorite server for misunderstanding, after the server unbanned you and you still can’t back into the server, it may hurt your feeling. Don’t worry, this post would tell you how to fix this problem.

What’s Discord ban

There’re 2 types of bans, a server ban, and a platform ban. The server is an important part of Discord, it’s a chatroom with channels filled in. The platform means Discord.
You should know that ban is permanent.

Platform ban: Discord’s Trust and Safety Team can disable or delete user account, mark and ban IP address. You can’t connect to any of the servers on the Discord service.

Server ban: An individual server administrator can ban a user from the chat server. The user can no longer log into that particular server, but you can connect to other servers.

So how does Discord ban users?

Discord tracks its users in two ways: username and IP address.

When the user is banned by the server, both their account and IP address are banned from the server, to prevent ban evasion, any accounts that are using the banned user’s IP address won’t be able to join the server.

The IP address is used by a network (the internet included) to identify a connected device. This allows the network to identify where information is being received from and needs to be sent to. That means that even if you change your username and try to log into a Discord server, you will still be banned because the Discord system recognizes your IP address. This prevents you from simply creating a new account from the same computer, as your IP address remains flagged and the server will block you from connecting to the server.

How to bypass Discord ban

Now it’s very clear, Discord will recognize your IP address to ban you from joining the server again. If you plan to bypass the Discord ban, you should definitely use a VPN so you can’t be tracked and prosecuted. 

Some VPN services are free but, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Free VPNs are never as good as paid ones; either they’re not as fast or reliable, or they can be forced to share your details with the authorities.

Our favorite VPN is NordVPN. It’s fast and cheap, and – most importantly – it will keep your IP address hidden. Here’s how to use NordVPN to hide your IP address:

  1. Download and install NordVPN.
  2. Open Nord. If you’ve never used NordVPN before, you should click Sign up as a new user to create a new account.
  3. Click Quick Connect.
  4. Wait for Nord to display PROTECTED.

The potential risk

Even though you can use VPN to bypass the Discord ban, you’ll encounter potential risks, server administrators can report the users who bypass their bans to Discord’s Trust and Safety Team. Then you may meet the Discord platform ban. So please don’t against the rules edited by the server administrator. And also don’t forget to create an entirely different username after login in with a new account. Server administrators are usually humans, they may remember your old username and catch you again.


This tip is only for people who get banned accidentally, misunderstood, and was banned as a joke. We hope this post would help people who can’t back to the server after being unbanned by the server administrator.

As for others, the best thing to do is obey the rules on your favorite server and enjoy Discord chatting.

By Iris Zheng

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