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Whether you’re in a market or online grocery, there’s a good chance that you may rack your brains out over what to prepare tonight. For those who’re working from home, the workload and daily chores have already burned you out. So, it is humane to keep yourself on the move all the time? No matter what you need, there’s always a service that perfectly made for you.

Home Chef has recently taken the lead in the industry of meal delivery kits. Although Blue Apron is the one who blazed the trail, the upcoming competitors have come into our sight. They have proved to us that the new ones could know us more: interesting recipes, effortless preparation, more flexibility and options for specific diets or preferences. Home Chef is definitely the easy winner among them.

How to save on Home Chef?

If you love Home Chef a little more, you know that the price may be a little higher than other meal kit services. However, Home Chef is the one of those companies that will keep delivering the prepped ingredients to your home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Home Chef Coupon to Save You 60%

The good news is you don’t need to pay with full price. Compared to a student discount, which you can only enjoy 50% on your first order, you can get your Home Chef meal kit at 60% off. And what is more exciting is that you can enjoy the discount with no strings attached and it can last for at least for a couple of months.


Prepare your meal like a real chef

Stay home and get 60% off on Home Chef to prepare yourself with a healthy and appetizing meal.

Home Chef Coupon to Save You $30


No need to pay full price next time

Always save you $30 on any purchase you made on Home Chef. This code expires on May 15.

FAQs on using Home Chef

Most people love Home Chef for their top-notch ingredients, easy-to-follow recipes. It’s friendly for absolute beginners. Nevertheless, there’re certain things you should know about in case you’re new to Home Chef.

1. Do I need to wash produce before cooking?

Yes, all produce should be washed thoroughly before using.

2. How long does it take to cook?

Most Home Chef recipes are designed to generally take around 30 to 45 minutes.

3. What to do if there’s issue with my ingredients?

If anything is missing, incorrect or not so satisfactory, you can contact Home Chef Support by submiting your request.

4. What’s Home Chef’s response to the coronavirus?

Home Chef are increasing sanitation frequency in their offices and production facilities, including washing hands and wear gloves and employing the best CDC practices.

5. Can I reschedule my delivery?

You can skip your delivery by 12 P.M. on the Friday prior to the scheduled day. On the Upcoming Meals page, click the Summary button and then skip the delivery you want to reschedule. For the first order, however, you need to contact the support team and let them make changes for you.

Other Easy Home Cooked Meals When Not Using Home Chef

However, sometimes you may just want to cook hussle-free meals that you can do it over and over again, with the ingredients you already have or can be purchased downstairs.

Five Easy-to-Cook Meals Using What You Have

These five recipes include Turkey Burger, Miso dumpling soup, One Pot Pasta, Egg and Rice and Thai Ramen. It’s a great inspiration for those who don’t have much in stock or just need to grab a bite right away with the ingredients at hand.

Instant LockDown Snack Recipe

This recipe can really make use of the leftover rice to make a mouth-watering snack for your family. Quick meal ideas for breakfast or when you’re hungry.

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