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5 Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combos (Hand-picked From Experience)

5 Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combos (Hand-picked From Experience)
Best Budgeted
eufy RoboVac G20 Hybrid
  • Efficient vacuuming
  • Spot cleaning
  • Ultra-slim
Best Seller
Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop
  • Hands-off design
  • Superb vacuum & mop capabilities
  • Great obstacle avoidance
Best Mid-ranged
Shark AI Ultra 2in1 Robot Vacuum & Mop
  • Easy setup
  • Good at both routine & deep cleaning
  • Quick & accurate mapping

When you juggle a job, family, and various other obligations, finding the time to vacuum and mop is probably the last thing on your mind. Obviously, you cannot turn a blind eye and leave the mess piling up – especially when you have pets, kids (or both) around your home.

Luckily, with modern-day technology, you no longer have to break your back doing the cleaning by yourself. There are actually plenty of robot vacuum and mop combos to help keep your home sparkling clean, requiring little to no effort on your part. Read on…

1. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop

9.4/10 Our Favorite
  • Hands-off design

  • Unmatched vac-mop capabilities

  • 5100Pa powerful suction

  • Carpet sensor and mop-lifting feature

  • Superb navigation and obstacle avoidance

  • Live viewing camera

  • App control
  • Hefty price tag

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a top-of-the-line model for a robotic cleaner. It comes with a dazzling array of smarts to deliver a hands-off cleaning experience.

On the vacuuming front, the high-end hybrid cleaner offers five levels of suction, which maxes out at 5100Pa to effectively pick up debris on hard floors and carpets alike. This includes dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and other types of debris in its way (while avoiding hazards like toys, clothing, pet waste, etc.). Unlike many of its less-expensive counterparts which fail to detect carpeting at all, it uses the VibraRise technology to lift its mop head a few millimeters when moving over carpeted areas, allowing it to sweep and clean in one single pass. S7 MaxV Ultra also mops very well. Using a sonic vibration technology that scrubs your floors 3,000 times per minute, it has no problems getting rid of ground-in stains that are otherwise troublesome for traditional robot mops.

Once a cleaning task is finished, the do-it-all bot will clean the mopping pad, empty the dustbin, and fill up the water bank all by itself, so that it is always ready for the next session, without any human intervention.

S7 MaxV Ultra uses a LiDAR scanner and a built-in camera to navigate around your house. As such, it can be used to check up on your pets or kids when you’re out of the house or track the progress of a cleaning job if that’s what you want.

With all this packed in, an S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum-mop costs a hefty $1400. I’m not going to say that you will have to splurge this big on a bot that vacuums and mops (also self-empties and cleans), but if you’re a homeowner who demands the cleanest of floors with minimal effort, S7 MaxV Ultra won’t go wrong.

2. Roomba Combo™ j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

9.2/10 Best for customized cleaning
  • Clever retractable mop plate

  • Able to handle various types of flooring

  • Customized cleaning (keep-out zone, extra-cleaning passes in high-traffic areas, etc.)

  • Smart mapping technology

  • AI-powered obstacle avoidance
  • No option to only mop

  • Docking station doesn’t wash, fill, or dry the device

iRobot’s Roomba Combo j7+ doesn’t look much different from its mop-less sibling, Roomba j7+. What sets the Combo apart is the retractable mop head, which slides underneath the bot to scrub the floor when called upon and retracts to the top when not in use. But since it always vacuums before mopping on hard flooring, it isn’t smart enough to just mop.

Combo j7+ does a stellar job at obstacle avoidance. It utilizes PrecisionEnvision, a state-of-the-art system to accurately identify its surroundings and recognize objects. When it first “sees” an item, it will send you a photo so that you can tell it to avoid or clean around in the future. This allows you to customize your cleaning, such as setting up no-go zones, marking out areas that need extra passes as well as specifying the obstacles (e.g. socks, shoes, toys, bowls, power cords, and poops).

This iRobot’s 2-in-1 hybrid doesn’t disappoint in self-emptying either. As soon as it finishes its run and returns to the dock, it will discharge the contents into an enclosed bag that holds up to 60 days’ worth of debris, depending on how often you vacuum and how dirty your home is. This is a big plus for those who suffer from allergies, as dust will be kept out of sight.

Despite its many virtues, the Combo j7+ isn’t completely autonomous. Unlike other premium models that auto-wash, auto-clean, and auto-refill, you’ll need to hand wash the mop pad, empty the water tank and refill the tank yourself.

3. Shark AI Ultra 2in1 Robot

8.8/10 Best mid-ranged
  • Good at both routine & deep cleaning

  • Easy setup

  • Quick and accurate room mapping

  • Works with smart assistant

  • Ability to schedule cleanings

  • Low maintenance
  • Can only map one floor

  • Requires a bit of manual work

If a four-digit price tag is too much for you to stomach, then you should probably look at Shark’s AI Ultra 2in1 Robot, a hybrid unit designed to handle both routine & deep cleaning for a reasonable price of $634.95.

Shark’s AI Ultra 2-in-1 uses a combination of traditional and innovative features to deliver a complete clean. Specifically, it vacuums in what the company called a “precise matrix grid with multiple passes”, which promises no spots are left behind. In tandem, its self-cleaning brush roll is able to pull up tangled hair and fine particles embedded in the fibers and the Clean Edge technology makes sure to reach every corner and edge to collect debris. After that, it sonic cleans the hard floor until it’s neat and tidy.

Shark’s AI Ultra 2-in-1 combo is built with smart mapping technology that allows it to quickly and accurately map your home. The setup is a breeze. All you need to do is fire up the Shark app and send the bot on an initial run, during which it will create a detailed map of the house.

Once the mapping is finished, you can label individual areas (e.g. high-traffic zones, keep-out zones), select objects to avoid, and schedule cleaning sessions. When it’s working, it maneuvers in such neat and row-by-row lines so that you can remote control it to work, knowing in confidence that it won’t barge into the wrong room or knock over a delicate vase.

TheShark AI Ultra vacuum-mop combo comes in two variations: with or without a self-emptying base. The self-emptying variant transfers the debris into its secondary dustbin, which allows you to set and forget about vacuuming for about 2 months and then manually empty. If you go for one without a self-emptying base, you will be able to save around $200, but that calls for a fair bit of routine work.

With this all said, one critique this robotic vacuum-mop receives is that it doesn’t support multi-floor mapping, which is a major deal-breaker for many of those who have a multi-level house.

4. eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid

8.2/10 Great for homes with pets
  • Auto-adjust suction power

  • Good at tackling pet hair

  • Multi-floor mapping

  • Small enough to clean under low-rise furniture

  • Washable parts
  • Need to create no-mop zones every single time

  • Require regular maintenance

eufy has been known for its lineup of affordable and passable robotic cleaners, but its RoboVac X8 Hybrid combo stands out as a model that is moderately expensive and high-performing.

eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid comes loaded with features to ensure a deep level of cleaning. The revolutionary twin-turbine technology means that it has two motors, each capable of generating up to 2,000Pa of intense suction to push debris and dirt into its mouth. X8 Hybrid doesn’t require you to adjust its suction power either. Equipped with BoostIQ, it is intelligent enough to sense different surface types and automatically change the suction mode based on the surface it’s on. According to the company, this model is like a pet hair magnet, capable of picking up 57.6% more pet hair & fur than its cheaper sibling, RoboVac 30C, which makes it a great option for homeowners with pets.

In addition, although the model lacks the ability to recognize carpeted surfaces, you can easily work it around by designating the no-mop areas from its smart app. The true downside is that it also fails in remembering previously designated areas, meaning that you will need to manually create them before setting it off to work every single time.

The X8 hybrid has a large number of washable components: the dust bin, the filter (not allergen-trapping though), the brush guard, the brush roll, the side brush, the swivel wheel, and the sensors. Since convenience is in the eyes of the beholder, some buyers like it that most of the parts are easy to remove and wash, while others loathe the need for regular maintenance.

5. eufy RoboVac G20 Hybrid

7.7/10 Good for small homes
  • Efficient vacuuming

  • Spot cleaning

  • Small enough to clean under low-rise furniture
  • Very quiet
  • No mapping

  • Lacks obstacle avoidance sensor

  • Low battery life

  • Relies on human intervention 

Last but not least on our recommendation list of robotic vacuum and mop combo is eufy’s G20 Hybrid. Costing only $279.99, it’s a decently-working robotic cleaning unit (we’re not going to pit it against the higher-priced models because that’d be unfair).

Using the same BoostIQ technology, G20 Hybrid alternates between four suction modes – from “Pure”, “Power”, and “Turbo”, all the way to “Max” – as well as a scrubbing mode. And while it’s working, it hums no louder than a microwave, which makes sure you can go about your day without being disturbed.

Perhaps the elephant in the room about this budget model is its lack of visual technology (e.g. camera, infrared). Instead, it relies on a sensor built on its front to navigate around the house. It’s basic and it bumps often. The absence of obstacle avoidance technology also means that you will always need to prepare your floors and pick up all things that may end up being sucked into its mouth or choking it.

With some intervention though, you will be able to work around this problem. For example, you can use boundary strips to set up off-limit zones. Or, while it doesn’t have the option to do selective cleaning, you can carry the gadget to the exact stained spots and ask it to do “spot cleaning” (which is accessible from its app).

On the bright side, G20 Hybrid’s ultra-slim stature benefits from its somewhat low-tech design. Measuring 12.8 inches in diameter and 2.85 inches in height, it is small enough to scoot under low-rise furniture – beds, sofas, and dressers – to clean, so that no dust bunnies are piling up.

G20 Hybrid also has a below-average battery life. It runs for about 40 minutes in its most powerful “Max” suction mode, and even in its “Quiet” mode, its battery barely lasts 100 minutes. But since it knows when to dock itself recharge and resume where it left off, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem (or at all if you live in a small home or apartment).

That’s it – five of the best robot vacuum and mop combos we have tested and recommended for every home and budget. Hopefully, it helps. Which robot mop-vacuum do you find useful? Please let us know in the comments below, thanks!

Credit: Photo by YoonJae Baik on Unsplash

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