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[Tips] How to Get a Star Code on Roblox – 2023

Roblox Star Codes

When you make a purchase of Robux, you might notice the section of add a Star Code in the payment method selection page. So what is it and how to add one? Here in this article, we’ve got them answered.

What is a Star Code

A Star Code is a code you input to support your favorite Video Star when purchasing Robux. When a code is applied, they will earn 5% of your purchase and you will keep the Robux you paid for. That means you support your Video Star at no additional cost to you. This is in Roblox Video Stars program, which is committed to fostering the business and revenue growth of the video creators.

Why use a Star Code

Using a Star Code when making a purchase of Robux is a great chance to support your favorite Roblox video content creator. There’s no additional cost but you’ve been able to contribute to an exceptional influencer’s business growth. So there’s no reason not to use a code to participate in the engagement.

Full list of valid Star Codes

To reduce the hassle and save you time, we only provide you with the codes that are tested valid. Check them out.

Star CodeYou’re supporting …
AlvinBlox Roblox Star Code AlvinBlox
Ant Roblox Star Code Ant
bandi Roblox Star Code BandiRue
Bandites Roblox Star Code Bandites
BuurRoblox Star Code Buur
Conor3D Roblox Star Code Conor3D
CQQP Roblox Star Code cqqp
DenisRoblox Star Code Denis
FGTeeV Roblox Star Code FGTEEV
Hyper Roblox Star Code Hyper
iamSanna Roblox Star Code Iamsanna
ibemaine Roblox Star Code iBeMaine
JD Roblox Star Code JD
Kavra Roblox Star Code Kavra
LankyBox Roblox Star Code LankyBox
Linkmon99 Roblox Star Code Linkmon99
LonnieRoblox Star Code Lonnie
MeganPlays Roblox Star Code MeganPlays
Poke Roblox Star Code Poke
Raconidas Roblox Star Code Raconidas
Rainway Roblox Star Code Rainway
Remainings Roblox Star Code Remainings
ROBLOXMuff Roblox Star Code ROBLOXMuff
ryguyrocky Roblox Star Code Ryguyrocky
Seniac Roblox Star Code Seniax
Sketch Roblox Star Code Sketch
Straw Roblox Star Code Straw
TanqR Roblox Star Code TanqR
ThnxCya Roblox Star Code ThnxCya
ZephPlayz Roblox Star Code ZephPlayz

How to use a Star Code

1) Head to Robux or Membership pages and select the value you want to purchase. Then you’ll be redirected to the payment method selection page.

2) Have your favorite Roblox Video Star code handy, and press Click Here to open the code entry window.

how to use a Roblox Star Code

3) Enter the Star Code and click Add.

enter a Roblox Star code to support a star

Once the code is added, you’ll be notified that you’re supporting your star.

How to get a Star Code

To get a Star Code as a Roblox video content creator, you need to, first, be invited to participate in the Roblox Video Stars program. To accomplish that, you must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • 10,000,000 cumulative Roblox video views
  • 25,000 average views per Roblox video
  • 100,000 followers/subscribers on channel

Bonus: tricks to get free Robux

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All you need to do is install the extension (available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox and it’s not restricted to certain regions). Then head to or any other sites to add any items you want. Upon checkout, the extension will pop up an alert when there are coupons available. Then you need to click Apply Coupons, then it will test and apply the best discount for you automatically. If there are no alerts, simply click on the extension on the top-right corner and it will show you all the promo codes that are available. If there are no codes available, you still can benefit from Coupert as it helps you earn cash back.

Moreover, if you invite your families or friends to use this browser extension, you all can get $20. That’s more than $40 in total!

refer friends get free robux

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