How to Do a Reverse Email Search (2022)

Whether you’re trying to find out the identity of an anonymous email sender or you wish to get someone’s email address, a reverse email search is the answer to your prayers.

This post will walk you through how to do a reverse email search easily with both paid and free methods.

1. BeenVerified

The best way to do a reverse email lookup online is with dedicated people search tools like BeenVerified.

All you need to do is enter the person’s name to look up his/her email address, or vice versa. BeenVerified will then help you find the potential owner’s contact details, social networking profiles, photos, properties and assets, and more.

Step 1: Go to BeenVerified, enter the email address you have and click SEARCH.

Step 2: BeenVerified will return a detailed report of the potential email address owner, which may include the name, phone number, address, and more.

2. Spokeo

Another powerful reverse email search tool is Spokeo. You can use the tool to confidentially look up someone’s information (e.g., email address, full name, phone number, professional history, aliases, court records, sex offender information, and many more when available).

Here’s how to look up an email address with Spokeo:

Step 1: Go to Spokeo, select the type of search you want.

Step 2: Type in the information and click SEARCH NOW.

Step 3: Any information that matches the name, phone number or address you entered will be compiled into one report.

3. LinkedIn

Though LinkedIn doesn’t make this easy, it is possible to pull up someone’s profile by email address (If you wish to find someone’s email address via LinkedIn, check our guide for How to Find Someone on LinkedIn).

To proceed, you would need a Microsoft Outlook account and a LinkedIn Account – both registered with the same email.

Step 1: Go to Outlook and log into your account.

Step 2: Click the People icon on the left, then click New contact.

Step 3: Fill in the First Name as you want and Email address whose profile you’re looking for, then click Create.

Step 4: Go back to your Contact page and click the contact you just created. Click LinkedIn and log in to your account to connect your Microsoft Outlook account to your Microsoft LinkedIn account.

Step 5: Back to Outlook and you can see the LinkedIn profile of the email address you were searching for! Click See full profile on LinkedIn button to view it on LinkedIn.

If there’s no profile shown up, it means no LinkedIn account is linked to that email address.

4. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is also a leading Data-as-a-Service provider that has one of the most updated collections of public records data.

Follow the instructions below to see how to find comprehensive information related to an email address easily with this tool:

Step 1: Go to PeopleFinders.

Step 2: Select the type of search you want. Then type the information in the search field and click Search.

5. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker cross-checks millions of data points and dozens of data sources to give you the most accurate and updated personal details.

Just plug in the information you know about the person and PeopleLooker will comb through public records to find out the potential owner’s real identity, contact information, background reports.

Step 1: Go to PeopleLooker.

Step 2: Select the type of search you want, enter the information you would like to look up and click Search.

6. Twitter

Twitter doesn’t allow you to directly search for people using email addresses; BUT here’s a workaround – you can import your email contacts to Twitter, which will be used as suggestions for who to follow on Twitter and voilà – you’ll be able to view the Twitter page associated with that email address. Maybe this will reveal the person’s real identity for you.

Follow the instructions below to see how to find people by email address on Twitter:

Step 1: Make sure you add the email you want to track to your contact.

Step 2: Open the Twitter app.

Step 3: Go to Menu > More > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and safety > Discoverability and Contacts.

Step 4: Turn on Sync address book contacts and grant Twitter permission to access your contacts if asked.

Twitter will upload your contacts and show you the profile connected to the email address on the social network. So if the person you’re looking for uses the email address on Twitter, you’ll be able to find his/her profile page.

The methods above only work when the person connects the email address to his/her social media account and has the email address listed as public. If you still can’t figure out who the email is from, read on to see how to search for someone’s email address on Facebook.

7. Facebook

Facebook lets you search users by email address, so that should make your search simpler.

Step 1: Go to or open the app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Type the email address of the person you want to find into the Facebook search field and press the Enter key.

You won’t be able to find results if the person you’re looking for doesn’t connect the email address with his/her profile, or if the person chooses not to list the email address as public in their About info.

8. Google

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine in the world, and in this case, a powerful and free reverse email lookup tool that might help you track down the mysterious email sender.

When you’re conducting your Google search, make sure you put quotation marks around the person’s email address. For example, you can search “”. This will tell Google that you’re only looking for exact matches.

If you know more information about the person, such as the person’s name, workplace, school city where he/she lives, or phone number, including the information when searching will narrow down your search and give you more precise results.

Google search will bring up web pages where that email address is mentioned. However, if the person has never used the email address on public forums, your Google search will probably let you down. If the free methods all fail, it’s time to try a professional email lookup tool like BeenVerified.

By Ellie Zhuang

Content crafter at Super Easy. Ellie is a foodie at heart who also happens to be an extreme couponer. She enjoys discovering new and helpful coupon tips and tricks. In addition to writing for Super Easy, she also posts technical guides, tips, and how-tos at Driver Easy.

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