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How to Find Someone by Email


2. View the owner’s name, pics & contact info

Lookup any email to see who owns it and to search for more information on the owner.

Uncover the owner’s identity

Look up pics and social media profiles

Search confidentially and view the results in seconds

What Information Can You Find?

A reverse email lookup is a people search tool that provides information about the owner of an email address. In other words, it’s a tool for looking up email addresses and learning about their owners.

The report you get may contain the following information about a person:

  • First & last names
  • Aliases
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Social media profiles
  • Current & past addresses
  • Relatives & housemates
  • Neighbors
  • Friends & co-workers
  • Neighborhood demographics
  • Jobs & businesses
  • Education
  • Professional & business licenses
  • Birth month and year, & age
  • Marital status
  • Properties
  • Vehicles
  • Tax records & bankruptcies
  • Criminal records, traffic offenses, sex offender registration
  • Judgements & liens

How does a reverse email lookup work?

A typical reverse email lookup has a field where you can type the person’s email address, and a button you click to start the search. 

When you click the search button, the email search will scour billions of records across a range of public records databases, then show you a summary of the owner of the address.

You then click to learn more about that person. Depending on the people search tool you used, that information might include the person’s name, address, social media profiles, criminal record and much more.

What’s the best PAID reverse email lookup in 2022?

We’ve reviewed a lot of reverse email lookup tools, and in our opinion the best, bang for buck, is definitely BeenVerified.

BeenVerified is a 100% anonymous reverse email lookup that can find the following information about the owner of an email address:

  • First & last names
  • Aliases
  • Other phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Social media profiles (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube & Pinterest)
  • eBay profile
  • Current & past addresses
  • Family members, neighbors, friends & co-workers
  • Household demographics
  • Birth & marriage record information
  • Education, hobbies & interests
  • Assets
  • Bankruptcies
  • Traffic tickets, sex offenses, criminal record
  • And more…

When would I use a reverse email look up?

You might use a reverse email phone look up if:

  • You keep getting emails from an address you don’t recognize;
  • You think you’ve received a scam email; or
  • You just want to learn more about someone, and you only have their email address.

The reverse email lookup would aim to tell you who they are (and a lot of other things, including where they live and whether they have a criminal record).

By Anna Li

Anna is one of our front-end developers, and an HTML and CSS magician. But she’s about far more than just development. She brings to bear a blend of design, user experience (UX), marketing, user research and data analysis skills to create user interfaces that are pleasing to use, practical to code and maintain, and which translate into economic value for our business. Prior to joining Driver Easy Anna worked as a designer for the Shenzhen Experience Design Association.

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