[NEW] Rainbow Story Codes Full List – Oct 2021

Rainbow Story code

Released in December, Rainbow Story could be a good game to kill time. But with a gift code, your adventure would be more fun. So check out these valid codes to level up your game.

Table of contents:

Working codes list

Below is the full list of Rainbow Story codes that are currently available. They do have deadlines, so redeem them before they expire.

RS333x100 Pearls, x4 Enhance Stones, x3 Mount Rations
RS666x100 Pearls, x1 Offline AFK Ticket, x5 Mount Rations
RS777x200 Pearls, Starup Stones, Starup Small Angel
RS888x20 Black Pearls, Starup Small Angel, x3000 Gold
RS33333Pet Recruiting Ticket, x200 Pearls, x2000 Gold
RS66666Pet Recruiting Ticket, x200 Pearls, x2000 Gold

More working codes…

  • 3WV46RB153 redeem this code and get the rewards
We will keep this page updated once they release any new codes. It would be a great idea that you bookmark our page so that you won’t miss a code.

Expired codes list

Unfortunately, this code is not working anymore. So stop trying.

  • 3682L9J152
  • 3QMAUGX151
  • 3WANSMB150
  • 3Z4C4MS146
  • 34RYHBC145
  • 37B6THW144
  • 3WYXFMM143
  • 33D4BEC142
  • 3J35H38141
  • 3CQLQ9N138
  • 3QH9FJK139
  • 3GU3CF9135
  • 3N3AZX136
  • 36PMM5G122
  • 3EBGPDG133
  • 35RYUP2128
  • 32YNZ24134
  • 3D65H4Y132

How to redeem codes

Redeeming codes in Rainbow Story is pretty simple. Here are the steps you can take:

1) Go to your game. Tap on the right side menu button and expand the menu list.

2) Tap the Settings option.

how to redeem Rainbow Story codes

3) Select the Code tab. Enter your code into the box and then tap Confirm. Then you’ll get the rewards and you can start your relaxing adventure across a gorgeous open world.

how to redeem Rainbow Story codes

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