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Best Psychics Near Me | Top 4 Trusted Sites 2023

Best Psychics Near Me | Top 4 Trusted Sites 2023

Psychic Near Me: First $10 for Free

Approach a psychic directly via internet. Starting from $0.99/min. Readings 24/7 over text, call or video.

If you only had experiences with traditional psychic readings, you probably find it hard to look for an advisor near you that best fits your needs. In this post, we’ll introduce you to 4 trusted online psychic reading platforms where you can reach a psychic at a low price without advanced booking. And your choices are over thousands.

Purple Garden

$10 bonus
Texts, calls & videos
24/7 accessible

Start from $0.99/min.

Chat Now

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First 3 min. free
Psychics over 10 years
24/7 accessible

Start from $1.99/min.

Chat Now

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Purple Ocean

Texts, calls & videos
Pay per reading: 24h for $10
24/7 accessible

Start from $0.99/min.

Chat Now

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50% discounts
Customized services
24/7 accessible

Start from $4.00/reading

Chat Now

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Psychic Near Me V.S. Psychic Online

In traditional readings, the psychic might have asked you to look them into the eyes or to give your hands for them to hold. And for that you may think a reading can only happens in person. But that’s actually not how clairvoyance and telepathy work. A psychic does need to be connected to you before they can read your information. But in occult field the connection means more at the energy level. And modern technology allows two people’s energy to meet in efficient ways like through the internet. And that’s another way the psychic is getting “near”.

1. Purple Garden – Texts, Calls & Videos

Sometimes, we want to find a psychic near us because we want a face-to-face experience. Then you won’t want to miss the powerful live psychic reading platform Purple Garden. You may text and call over voice or video to communicate with the advisor you chose. And you may find an active advisor 24/7. All psychics here have video self-intros and abundant client reviews.

1) Go to the Purple Garden advisor search site.

2) Set the filters of chat form, number of client reviews and price range that you expect from a psychic, and click Apply.

3) Browse through the list of advisors and select one that you feel most connected with. Now start your chat!

2. Keen – Experienced Psychics

Maybe it’s hard to know about the true experience of the psychic near me, and that’s when we could consider Keen. It has a good reputation in gathering 1700+ psychics for 12 categories of readings. You can easily find advisors working over 10 years and with thousands of true customer comments. Anytime around the clock, over texts or calls, you may find a suitable advisor here.

1) Go to the advisors page of Keen.

2) Choose a reading category that you need.

3) Or click Get started Under “Find a Psychic That’s Right For You” to find your best match through multiple choices.

4) Find an active advisor in the list that you feel is the right one and start your connection now.

3. Purple Ocean – Mobile Phone App

Purple Ocean is an instant psychic reading app specially designed for mobile devices. It makes conducting a reading simple and fast. You can reach all the advisors here through videos. This app also offers a payment method per reading. And each in 24 h deadline costs only $10. Within the time you can ask whatever you want.

1) Install and open the Purple Ocean app and submit a question to a psychic reader you chose.

2) When your personal reading is ready, the app will notify you.

3) Read the video reading and you may follow up by messaging.

4. Soulight – 18 Reading Choices

Soulight is one of the most mature online psychic booking platforms. 18 reading topics and tools are here for you to choose. You may enjoy 50% off for your first live chat and 30% for your first reading. Apart from normal 18 categories, you can explore the special services like meditation, candle ritual, etc. each clairvoyant provides. You may pay per service here and you can find really experienced psychics who charge only around $4 for each reading.

1) Visit the Soulight official website.

2) Directly choose one psychic from the recommend list or click Our Advisors to find a satisfactory psychic according to your needs.

3) Select a psychic you like and enter their profile page to see all the reading methods and special services they offer. Choose one that best suits you.

Psychics in your location might be hard to find and limited to choose from. But with our online platforms like Purple Garden and Keen, you might get into the right psychic that’s truly near your soul, unlimited and instant.

By Chantel Huang

As one of Super Easy’s English writers, Chantel likes to bring her life philosophy to the page. For her, life is all about exploring and sharing. And what reflects that attitude is her rich and vast life experiences and skills which bring great value to our readers.

She's experienced in social media publishing and traveling. She’s in her twenties and has set her foot in 20+ countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. And she scheduled most of the tours all on her own, gaining lots of life-hacks as well as great abilities in internet research, information collection and shortcut solutions seeking. She manages a podcast and a video channel herself, earning over 10,000 views and 200+ followers in just one month. Her keen sense in entertainment and mature skills and knowledge in electronics and editing apps keeps producing quality content for our readers.

Besides, she's got a profound understanding in language learning and psychology. Over 100 hours of crisis intervention experiences and 4 years of academic training in linguistics making her a trusted solution provider in language education and mental care.

With her genuine heart she keeps sharing inspiring thoughts and useful tips out of her explorations, bringing growth to her own life as well as to our readers.

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