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Personal Email Finders – 5 Best Free Ways to Find Someone’s Email

In times when you need to find someone’s personal email, an email finder goes a long way. In this article, we’re rounding up 5 most useful email finders to help. All you need is their name, phone number, username on social media, photo or home address. Read on…

1. Search here

The easiest and most effective way to search for someone’s email address is to do it right here (by name, phone number, or username):

Name Search for Email


Locate someone’s email address by name.

Reverse Username Lookup for Email


Search username on 55+ social networks

Within seconds, the engine will build a detailed report, which includes the available email address of the person you searched.

2. Search someone on 55+ social networks with BeenVerified

BeenVerified is one of the best tools to search for someone’s email addresses secretly and privately. All you need to do is enter a name, phone number, username, or physical address. Then you’ll likely get a detailed report of the owner, including their email address (primary and hidden), phone number, photos, online profiles on 55+ networks, and so on.

  1. To search someone’s personal email, go to BeenVerified Official Website.
  2. Enter name/phone number/username/home address, then click SEARCH.
  3. Wait a few seconds, and BeenVerified will show you the available email accounts someone has, primary and hidden.

3. PeopleLooker


PeopleLooker is a people search engine that dives deep into social networks. So far, it is capable of searching on 120+ networks. This means that, at the click of a search button, you’re likely to find out what social media websites they’re on, apart from the email address.

  1. Go to PeopleLooker Official Website.
  2. Enter a username and click Search.

  3. Within seconds, you’ll receive a report, which includes the available email accounts associated with the person you searched.

4. Social Catfish

Starting out as a dating investigation service, Social Catfish is best for finding information and verifying identities. It allows you to search by name, phone number, email address, username, and photo, then it finds associated records and runs a double-check on the found info.

  1. To acquire someone’s email address, just go to Social Catfish Official Website.
  2. Choose a search type, enter the information and click Search.
  3. Wait as Social Catfish generates a detailed report for you, which includes available email accounts linked to the person.

5. Find someone’s email with Spokeo

Spokeo is social media aggregator that boasts a giant database of 12+ billion records. So it’d be a nice alternative if the above personal email finders didn’t give you luck.

  1. To trace your email addresses, go to Spokeo Official Website.
  2. Enter your name/phone number/email address/username, and click SEARCH NOW.
  3. Wait a few seconds for Spokeo to find associated information for you, which may include your email accounts.

Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash

By Enya Zhang

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