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People Lookup – Find Someone by Name, Phone Number & Email

People Lookup – Find Someone by Name, Phone Number & Email

People Lookup

Enter a name to look up contact info, photos & more!

Trying to reconnect with a long-lost friend or learn more about a stranger you met online? In such an information age, it’s easier than you think to find someone online. You could spend some time searching manually, or simply use a dedicated people lookup tool if you prefer a more convenient solution. Even if you’ve forgotten the full name, searching by a phone number, email, living address or just a username will do equally well.

When you’re searching for something online, always start with a search engine like Google or Bing. They scour a huge bulk of web pages and available public information for common searching needs.

But one of the downsides is that if you look up a common name, a lot of outdated and irrelevant pages will appear, and you’ll have to filter and verify the results on your own. To be more specific, you could combine the person’s last known location or add quotation marks around the name to show only exact results.

Method 2 – Search by image on Google

If the regular search doesn’t give you luck, try Google’s reverse image search. You just need to get a picture of the person and upload it to Google. Google will try to detect the image and tell you associated sources or websites.

Alternatively, you could use a paid image search tool like Social Catfish, which will accurately identify who’s the person in the photo and track down a wealth of personal information.

Method 3 – Check social media

Social media can also be an incredibly useful resource to find a person for free. The most popular platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn that reach out to billions of worldwide active users can be where to get started. Simply look up a name or search for a phone number or email address to look for a matching user. You can get in direct touch with them or try to acquire more info from their social media profiles.

Social Media Search


Look up phone number on 50+ social networks.

Method 4 – Use a people search engine

People search engine is just like a common search engine but with a hyper-focus on only people-related information. They draw up-to-date data from legitimate public sources and offer you a wealth of valuable & reliable details about an individual. 

Simply enter a name, phone number or email and you should receive a comprehensive people lookup report that may contain contact details, property records, criminal records, social media profiles and other background info. Subscription is required to read the report.

Image above is from a sample TruthFinder report. Actual TruthFinder reports may contain more or less information.

While there are a lot of people search engines to choose from, they don’t exactly work the same. Below we’ve put together 5 best-rated tools for you to run a people lookup easily and effectively.

1. Truthfinder

Pros & Cons:
Comprehensive background check
Property data available

Lack of single report purchase
No iOS app

Pricing: Starting from $28.05/month

TruthFinder is the best-known and reputable website for background checks. It searches thoroughly on the person’s background varying from location history, job, education, online profiles, court records, assets, etc.

2. Intelius

Pros & Cons:
Best phone number directories
Easy-to-read reports

No username search

Pricing: Starting at $24.86/month

Intelius is the best reverse phone lookup we’ve tested. A phone number can actually reveal a lot of information, whether you’re trying to find someone you’ve lost contact with or verify the person you’re dealing with.

3. BeenVerified

Pros & Cons:
Precise results
Excellent customer report
Smooth navigation

Occasional long wait for results

Pricing: Starting at $22.86/month

BeenVerified is my favorite people finder.Supported by a robust database, it delivers in-depth and up-to-date results about the subject of your search, and amazingly much more details all in a clear interface.

4. Spokeo

Pros & Cons:
Free basic results (location, age, and relatives, etc)
Affordable price
PDF reports downloadable

Not available on iOS

$0.95 for each separate report
$19.95/mo for unlimited searches

Spokeo is also a perfect option for finding people online and performing background checks. While most people search engines accumulate only public records, Spokeo goes farther and digs deep into social networks and even dating sites.

5. PeopleFinders

Pros & Cons:
Accurate & updated information
Cheap price for first-month membership

No social media lookup
Social profiles and work history not included in the report

$0.95 for each separate report
$19.95/mo for unlimited searches

Founded in 1998, PeopleFinders is the longest-standing people finder tool online. It boasts 40 years of experience in reverse lookup of various types: name, phone number, email and address, and it’s dedicated to finding the right person for you instantly.


Running people lookup can be a time-consuming process, but using a professional service will save you the hassle. You can access a massive amount of data that’s not easily available on common search engines and have a higher chance of finding what you want, but what matters most is to select a proper and reliable tool.

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