Get Origin by EA Promo Code for Existing Users


As a gamer, I believe you must know EA and Origin. EA is a company that makes video games and Origin is the online gaming portal for EA. You can browse, purchase and download EA’s game through Origin.

Sims, Battlefield, FIFA, and other famous games are sold on EA. But with Origin promo code, you can get more playtime for less money. Here are some shopping tips for Origin gamers, read on before get to gaming.

Shopping for deals and free games

On the, you can find the Deals section that gives a list of all currently discounted games and offers. You can enjoy savings up to 70%.

What’s more, the Free Game section is a place I enjoy the most. The section has all of the company’s free offerings. Whenever your budget, the Origin store has something that suits you.

If you don’t know how to get the latest deals and sales in time, following EA on social media is an excellent way. You can follow @ea on Twitter or on Facebook. These social media will release special offers for games and a future game release date.

Register on EA Play

EA offers 2 kinds of subscriptions: EA Play & EA Play Pro. By subscribing to the EA Access program, you can pay less each month with early access to new games that include exclusive in-game items that you won’t find anywhere else. Though this lets you play games before you buy them, you can keep those exclusive items even if you don’t purchase the full game.

You’ll also receive updates about new titles and get a 10% off promo code every month. The code is available to any games in EA.

EA Play & EA Play Pro are both great for enthusiast gamers.

Use coupon & promo code

EA Origin offers coupons and discount codes to help you save cash on your games. There’re coupons sites offer hundreds of Origin coupons. Sites like Slickdeals, Retailers are more reliable.

Also, Reddit is a great place to find working promo codes as some gamers will give away codes.

Redeem codes before purchasing games online.

Refund policy

The games are downloading directly to PCs, therefore no shipping charges are related to the service.

About the refund policy, EA allows you to return purchased games for Pre-orders and all titles purchased through third-party sellers. For immediate download purchases via Origin, they’re non-refundable.

You have up to 24 hours to request a return once you play the title or 14 days after your purchase date if you haven’t launched it. Once you log in to your account, you can click on the refund request button.

Contact official support

You can find EA customer support in 2 ways:

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