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3 Tricks to Get Nintendo eShop Redeem Codes for Free (2023)

Any unused Nintendo eShop gift cards totally free of charge?

Yes! Branded Surveys is offering free Nintendo gift cards with opinion surveys.

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Although you cannot grab free gift cards for nothing or on a code generator site (mostly click-baits or scams), you can get them through giveaways and get-paid-to sites, which is quite easy and lucrative.

IMPORTANT: Many code generators don’t look like a scam and always try to convince you with nice web design and long articles, but you will be prompted to complete an offer in the human verification process.

How to get free Nintendo eShop codes

If you’re ready to put some effort into this, we’ll show you how to get Nintendo eShop codes without spending a penny.

1. Participate in eShop code giveaways

As a way of self-promotion, giveaways never lose their charm. However, it takes time and a little bit of luck to be a winner. If you’re well aware of this and still want to have a try, check these giveaways below:

  • Check giveaways on Twitter with the hashtag #nintendogiveaway to find the latest giveaway. Normally, you’ll need to retweet their post and share it with one friend.
  • Search Nintendo eShop at To be eligible for their giveaway, you need to watch their videos.
  • Find available giveaways in the Nintendo Community on Reddit.

2. Take surveys to earn free eShop gift cards

Making money online is easier than expected. By joining a trustworthy get-paid-to website, you can earn cash and a variety of gift cards by taking simple surveys and sharing your opinions.

Branded Surveys is a reputable survey website for people from the US, UK, and Canada to make extra money online. Whenever you’re free, on the subway or waiting for a bus, you could take a couple of surveys to earn PayPal cash or popular gift cards. No startup fees or requirements.

1) Sign up at Branded Surveys with your email and create a password.

2) Fill in basic information.

3) Go to your email inbox and confirm your email. Doing this will keep you updated on the latest high-paying surveys and ensure your payments are delivered effectively. Once done, you’ll also receive a sign-up bonus.

If you don’t receive the email:

  • Search for the email in the Spam or Trash folders.
  • Request another verification email by clicking RESEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL on the dashboard.
  • Check if you provide a correct email address via Preferences > Email Preferences. If not, update your email.

After the profile is set up, you’ll land on the survey dashboard to start earning cash!

Every survey pays out differently, from 50 to 300 points. Once reaching 500 points, equivalent to $5, you could cash via PayPal or redeem gift cards to your favorite retailers like nintendo eshop, xbox, and more

For secure and effective payouts, don’t forget to verify your email.

You could register multiple surveys websites to maxmize your earnings. And here are more high-paying options to try.

Branded Surveys$1 – $3Cash via PayPal or Branded Pay, or e-gift cards
Survey Junkie$1 – $3PayPal or eGift Card
Toluna USA$0.5 – $2.5PayPal, gift cards, or monthly drawings
InboxDollars$0.5 – $5Check, prepaid VISA or gift cards
MyPoints$2.50Gift cards
Swagbucks$0.40 – $2PayPal or eGift cards
Lifepoints$0.60 – $1PayPal

You can earn as many gift cards as you want this way. Although it can be rather slow, your efforts will eventually pay off. Don’t pressure it, as you can complete a few surveys when you’re on the subway, waiting for a bus, etc. 

3. Scan receipts to get free eShop gift card

Fetch Rewards is a new grocery rewards app next to other long-standing, popular apps like Ibotta. Download the Fetch Reward app and you earn reward points for taking pictures of your grocery shopping receipts.

You get 25 points just for scanning a receipt, but you can earn hundreds or even thousands more if your receipt contains a promoted branded item, like a certain cereal or beer. 

1,000 points are worth about $1. The gift cards can be selected from the big brands you’d expect to see, like, Best Buy, and Sephora, and Nintendo eShop.

How to redeem Nintendo eShop codes

After the online tool provides your free Unused eShop codes, you need to follow these steps to redeem credits in your Nintendo Game account.

If you’re on Nintendo Switch:

  • From the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon.
  • Select Enter Code.
  • Enter your download code and click Send.

If you’re on Nintendo 2DS/3DS/3DS XL:

  • From the HOME Menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon.
  • Scroll left and select Add Funds.
  • Select Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card.
  • Tap the box that says Enter the activation code.
  • Use the touch screen to enter the activation code from the Digital Card and tap OK.
  • Tap OK again.

If you’re on Wii U:

  • From the HOME Menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon.
  • Select Balance from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Tap the Nintendo eShop Card button.
  • Tap Enter the code.
  • Use the touch screen to enter the activation code and tap OK.
  • Select Add.


Getting an unused Nintendo eShop to redeem code free is rather tough, but chances are that you may bump into some giveaways. Most of the giveaways are for self-promotion, so there’s always a competition or it may require you to do some simple tasks.

Another way to get some free eShop gift cards is through surveys, and their signing-up process can be rather time-consuming. Therefore, you can stay with one site that pays well and complete surveys when you have free time.

By Via Kuang

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