[NEW] Noob Army Tycoon All Redeem Codes Dec 2022

The new Noon Army Tycoon is so lit. Along with the release, the developers have prepared some redeem codes that will give players a nice head start. If you’re hunting for them, check out the list below and grab them all at once.

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How to redeem codes in Noob Army Tycoon

Once you get any codes, you can use these steps to claim the in-game rewards:

  1. Launch Noob Army Tycoon and enter the game.
  2. In the left menu, select Code. Then in the pop up window, click Enter the code here and type or paste your code. Finally, click ENTER to claim the freebie.

Working codes (Updated)

We’ll try to keep the list up to date. If you find a code doesn’t work, simply tell us in the comments.

  • free gems: 1,000 gems (New)
  • 100MVisits: 1,000 gems
  • 1Million: money and research points
  • 7Tp6Mz: 2,000 money and 2,000 research points
  • 10M: 10,000 money and research points
  • 2G2upS: 2000 Money and 2000 Research Points
  • EQd57fE: 2000 money & 2000 Research points
  • Vk3d5E: 2000 money & 2000 Research points
  • NOOB: 5000 money & 5000 Research points
  • ?: 100 money & 100 Research points
  • lol: 100 money & 100 Research points
  • noob2: 250 money & 250 Research points
  • free research points: 0 money & 100 Research points
  • free money: 100 money & 0 Research points
  • noob: 100 money & 100 Research points

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How to get more codes

Every time you feel like some codes in Noob Army Tycoon, you can check out the official Discord or take a peek at the official Twitter. By the way, we’ll keep updating the list above, so you can just stay tuned to this post to make sure you don’t miss any freebies.

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