[New] Chapters: Interactive Stories Redemption Codes – Jun 2021

Chapters: Interactive Stories lets you choose your own path, but usually you need to pay for a better outcome. Fortunately, there’re redeem codes you can take advantage of. So before spending real dollars in Chapters, check out the freebies below and unlock the choices you want!

How to redeem codes in Chapters: Interactive Stories

Once you get the codes, you can use these steps to claim the rewards:

  1. Open Chapters: Interactive Stories. At the bottom of your screen, tap the gift box icon.
  2. Scroll down and tap Redemption Code.
  3. Tap Enter Redemption Code and type or paste your code. Then tap Redeem and enjoy the rewards.

Working codes

We’ll keep updating the list. If you find a code that doesn’t work, simply tell us in the comments below.
x3z24dar (New)2 Passes
d54gnd7i2 Passes
kpjh3oeb5 Diamonds
vrfv9t605 Diamonds
ae9ogfc5 2 Tickets
tzb5qigb2 Tickets
gx80qsat5 Diamonds
jack2020 Diamonds
7am2zwjw5 Diamonds
den4ik20 Diamonds
nz97bf8q2 Tickets
xk3b8jrz2 Tickets
tg8kpxi05 Diamonds
q4vv0yh55 Diamonds
4wchovxm2 Tickets
gmfo7zg22 Tickets
5kcnqy225 Diamonds
lera2020 Diamonds
mvwrxqjr5 Diamonds

How to get more codes

If you’re hungry for more, there’re still ways you can discover the latest redeem codes. It looks like the developer release codes on a regular basis. So for the updates, you can check out the official Facebook and Twitter. If you just want the latest code list, just stay tuned to this page. We’ll update the post as soon as the codes are out.

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