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[NEW] Bubble Gum Simulator Codes Full List January 2024

[NEW] Bubble Gum Simulator Codes Full List January 2024

Bubble Gum Simulator is crazy lit. And the generous developer decides to release some codes to spice things up every once in a while. So if you’re on the lookout for the latest codes, you’re in the right spot!

Down below we’ve updated the latest working code list, grab the codes and treat yourself to some nice exclusives!

What are codes in Bubble Gum Simulator

Codes in Bubble Gum Simulator grant players in-game items, boosts, currency, pets and more. They usually expire in a period of time and each can be used only once.

Currently, the rewards of codes are mostly Luck and Hatch Speed boosters.

How to redeem code in Bubble Gum Simulator

Once you’ve got any working codes, you can use these steps to claim them:

  1. Launch Bubble Gum Simulator.
  2. Enter the game. From the left menu, click Codes.
  3. In the pop-up window, click Code Here. Then type or paste your code and click Enter.

Working codes

Below is the complete code list at the moment. Codes have been verified.

Update74 2x Hatch Speed (NEW)
Easter21 2x Luck (NEW)
SylentlyBest 2x Hatch Speed
BlizzyrdBest 2x Luck
hiddenvideocode 2x Luck
Update73 free Hatch Speed
Luckiest Extra Luck
StPatrickLuck Extra Luck
Update72 free Hatch Speed
valentine free Hatch Speed
update71 Extra Luck
Royalty free Hatch Speed
Update70 Extra Luck
Update68 Extra Luck
SantaClaus free Hatch Speed
ChristmasStream free Hatch Speed
JollyChristmas Extra Luck
ChristmasPart2 free Hatch Speed
Update66 Extra Luck
christmas 5,000 CandyCanes
Update65 Extra Luck
Ghosts Extra Hatch Speed
Update63 Extra Luck
Update60 Extra Luck
Update59 Extra Luck
Update58 Extra Luck
Update57 Extra Luck
Update54 Extra Luck
Update53 Extra Luck
Update51 Extra Luck
Update50 Extra Luck
Update49 Extra Hatch Speed
Update48 Extra Hatch Speed
Update47 Extra Hatch Speed
Update45 Extra Hatch Speed
Season 8 Extra Luck
Mushroom Extra Luck
Galactic Extra Luck
Portal Extra Luck
MegaSale Extra Luck
600M Extra Luck
Valentines Extra Luck
2hourluck Extra Luck
BriteJuice Extra Luck
BubblePass Extra Luck
ExtraLuck Extra Luck
Fancy2 Extra Luck
HappyEaster Extra Luck
Halloween Extra Luck
July4th Extra Luck
Kraken Extra Luck
LostCity Extra Luck
LuckyDay Extra Luck
NewWorld Extra Luck
Ocean Extra Luck
Season3 Extra Luck
SecretLuckCode Extra Luck
sircfenneriscool Extra Luck
sircfennerNoob Extra Luck
StPatricks Extra Luck
SuperBeach Extra Luck
SuperLuck Extra Luck
ThankYou Extra Luck
UnderTheSea Extra Luck
Update16 Extra Luck
Update21 Extra Luck
SuperCoins 1,000 Coins
BlueCrew Gems
pinkarmypet Gems
Twiisted Gems
SuperGems Gems
SecretPet a Toy Serpent
FreePet a Twitter Dominus
SpookyHalloween Extra Hatch Speed
Citrus Extra Hatch Speed
Vacation Extra Hatch Speed
Carnival2 Extra Hatch Speed
MegaSpeedBoost Extra Hatch Speed
SuperSale Extra Hatch Speed
Vine Extra Hatch Speed
Spring Extra Hatch Speed
Season7 Extra Hatch Speed
Challenges Extra Hatch Speed
300M Extra Hatch Speed
400m Extra Hatch Speed
AtlantisHats Extra Hatch Speed
BeachBoost Extra Hatch Speed
Bunny Extra Hatch Speed
ChristmasBoost Extra Hatch Speed
Circus Extra Hatch Speed
Clown Extra Hatch Speed
Cupid Extra Hatch Speed
Fireworks Extra Hatch Speed
FREE Extra Hatch Speed
FreeBoost Extra Hatch Speed
FreeHatchSpeed Extra Hatch Speed
HammieIsBadAtRocketLeague Extra Hatch Speed
InThePast Extra Hatch Speed
Part2 Extra Hatch Speed
Pass Extra Hatch Speed
Poseidon Extra Hatch Speed
ReallyFancy Extra Hatch Speed
SecretBoost Extra Hatch Speed
Special Extra Hatch Speed
SpeedBoost Extra Hatch Speed
SpeedyBoi Extra Hatch Speed
Summer Extra Hatch Speed
SuperSecret Extra Hatch Speed
superspeed Extra Hatch Speed
Tomcat Extra Hatch Speed
TrickOrTreat Extra Hatch Speed
UltraSpeed Extra Hatch Speed
AncientTimes an Extra Shiny Chance
ChocolateEgg an Extra Shiny Chance
Colorful an Extra Shiny Chance
Fancy an Extra Shiny Chance
Mythical an Extra Shiny Chance
Secrets an Extra Shiny Chance
Thanks an Extra Shiny Chance
UncleSam an Extra Shiny Chance

How to get more codes

If you enjoy Bubble Gum Simulator and are hungry for more exclusives, there’re always some way you can get more codes. First you can take advantage of the Fandom wiki, where you’re able to find most of the working codes at the moment. But if you want firsthand information, stay tuned to the developer’s Twitter.

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