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My Completely Honest Thrive Market Reviews | 2023

Thrive Market is an online grocery store that curates the best organic, non-GMO groceries, beauty, and cleaning supplies at 25% to 50% off regular retail prices. But wait…how can I make sure this is exactly what I need and is Thrive Market really worth the membership fee?

Is Thrive Market the option for you?

It depends!

If you live near a lot of grocery stores, you won’t like the idea of switching to Thrive Market.

Whatever your original plan is, stay where you were. That’s much cheaper.

However, that’s not the end of story. If you’re tired of you trips to your local grocer and time spent on researching healthy food, you can start thinking about Thrive Market.

Besides, for those who live somewhere isolated without many grocery store choices, you can add it to your food delivery service list. Let’s start some serious digging.

What you can buy at Thrive Market?

Organic Food

Actually, Thrive Market is not a one-stop store where you can buy anything you need.

What exactly does Thrive Market sell? Thrive market is best known for its organic food free of genetically modified organisms.

You can order a total combination of 6,000+ healthy food, such as organic chicken, pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef and sustainable wild-caught seafood, as well as other brands you love. It’s like you can shop at your local store online.

You’ll find hundreds of categories gluten-free, for moms, paleo-friendly, raw, staples, or vegan, dairy free, nut-free etc. Based on different dieting habits, searching by category makes it super easy for you to shop what you need, excluding what you want to avoid.

How does Thrive Market work?


Thrive Market is a membership-based online grocery store.

To shop there, you’ll need to become a member first.

Monthly subscription: $9.95
Anual subscription: $60

The cool part is the 30-day free trial. Feel free to try but don’t forget to cancel your subscription right away. Believe me, you won’t like the feeling of being ripped-off without your permission when your free trial ends.

But if everything turns out great shopping at Thrive Market, you can subscribe it later and you make up for your membership fee when you order twice a year since it’s offering a great discount at around 25% to 50%.

Free shipping across contiguous US states

  • First order: over $25
  • All orders: $49 or more

Free Membership

You can apply for a free membership if you are one of these:

  • Low-Income Families
  • Veterans
  • Teachers
  • Students

By joining Thrive Market membership you’re helping others along the way. For every paid annual membership, Thrive Market offers the less affluent family a free membership.

What about the product?

thrive market quality review

Quality First

Transparent sourcing information. 

Name brands products all available.

Helpful customer reviews and ratings.

I just love the transparent information Thrive Market offers. It’s never the plain “grass-feed” or “free-range” tag but also ethically sourced. However, not all of their products are US based and the meat comes frozen. Overall speaking, the food is delicious and nicely processed. If you’re concerned about the food quality, there’s always a return policy.

What about the price?

thrive market cost review

Low Cost

Natural, healthy food and non-toxic products at a low price.

Many are up to 50% off retail prices, and wholesales prices are also possible. So it’s totally affordable for average families.

No matter how they claim that they offer a wholesale price and how cheap it is with the large discounts, we still have concerns. But the 25% to 50% price difference really could help to close the gap between the sometimes inflated “organic” prices at some grocery stores, making Thrive Market a viable choice for the average person on a budget.

Some name brands such as Annie’s, Simple Mills and Chomps are way cheaper than what I find in local stores. What makes this even cooler is that you can always save more with Thrive Market coupons and promo codes.

Thrive Market Review

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By Via Kuang

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