[NEW] Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Redeem Codes – Sep 2022

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang redemption codes

Mobile Legends redemption codes are a combination of letters and numbers. They are often given by Moonton for various events, steams, and sometimes as a bonus for diamond purchases. With these codes, you can claim some free rewards like fragments, magic potions or skins. So if you’re playing the game, grab a code to unlock special features!

Table of contents:

New codes

  • igni
  • 00NATAN00
  • ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni
  • ck3bcw9rc47622abu
  • jxd2sb4drb4b22abq
  • jxfpy6xqn3ya22a74
  • ya8hrfkzmqz322a57
  • 8v4adedvfjcw229f9
  • bewithu
  • iloveu
  • Avpcgec28zg2229zt
  • 4epjdv78g3rj22a22
  • 5eqjbc423k7t229z2
  • fu5mrxm5j7xc229zv
  • 0kill0deathwin
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d
  • xcm71y44mx0ki47n2
  • y9xm0g5ox
  • ctm83ncv5a22um0i1
  • usynpwgsm48a229mq
  • maskmantank
  • rnrvxqrpawjg229qs
  • vpnwf4jtgfhu229qx
  • 7d82zdkwy9c9229qx
  • jjnf25tys7st22
  • gzjhasdpdtnw229fw
  • TogetherWePlay
  • BringItOn 
  • TogetherWeBattle

We’ll update this page once they release a new code. So stay tuned with us!

Working codes

Below are the codes that are still working. But you should be quick as they will expire soon.

  • WeAreMobileLegendsAllStars
  • tfc6eb3u9nc4228tw
  • ffqwdcunnpjc228vj
  • NEXT0922
  • t5zmquxhed2622882
  • Fnexzkaff2y52285g
  • t5zmquxhed2622882
  • CYVSYVJS9PJ222829
  • 77HUUP5ZK9Z7228G
  • rjkazth2jc422285h
  • fh6m5y7nvbhh2

To get more codes, you can follow the game’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Also, if any codes listed above stop working, please leave us a comment below.

Expired codes

Unfortunately, these codes are no longer available. So stop trying.

  • gzjhasdpdtnw229fw
  • laylasgift
  • thanksgiving
  • staysafe
  • 34ws5frwwxhe229dw
  • bsnqii3b7
  • tfc6eb3u9nc4228tw
  • ffqwdcunnpjc228vj 

How to redeem a code

To redeem a code, you can follow these steps:

1) Visit the Mobile Legends Code Exchange page.

2) Enter the Redemption Code you get and your Game ID (You can check it from the Profile section in your game.). Then click Send to get the Verification Code that will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Once you receive that code, simply enter it into the box and click Redeem.
Note that servers can be down due to some reasons. So if you fail to redeem a code, please wait for a while and try again.

how to redeem a code in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Now you’ll get the reward on your game inbox. Till then, choose your favorite heroes and build the perfect team with your comrades-in-arms!

By Sammi Liu

As a writer at supereasy.com, Sammi is dedicated to writing how-to guides. She feels inspired when her articles can help readers solve their problems or cover what they need. When she's not writing, she would go biking, practice yoga, and spend time with her plants.

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