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Medical License Lookup | How to Verify a Doctor

Health matters more than ever during the pandemic. That’s why it becomes more essential to verify a doctor and do a medical license lookup. No matter whether you’re going to hire a family medicine physician or have a video consultation with online doctors, it’d be best to know more about your doctors before moving ahead.

Medical License Lookup

Search for education, job history, professional license & more!

This post will introduce several methods to check your doctor’s medical license. Just read on.

How do doctors earn a license?

It’s not easy to become a doctor in United State.

Doctors need to get enrolled in medical school with a bachelor’s degree in relative sciences. After years of study, they must pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination, and participate in internship and residency programs. Then they need to get their board certifications and apply for state licensure. None of these jobs is considered simple.

And yet they need to renew their licenses every one or two years, with proof of continuing medical education (e.g. 60 hours if needed).

How to run a medical license lookup?

Since medical physicians need to get license renewal regularly, it’s critical to ensure your doctor complies with the laws.

Method 1 Search on local medical board

The local medical board allows people to search for profiles for all physicians and other health care providers who are licensed or registered in that state. You can find the doctor’s board certifications, states with active licenses, and any actions against the physician.

You can find the board’s search page by googling license verification medical board of xx (replace xx with your doctor’s state). For instance, you can find the DCA license search website if your doctor is in California. By filling in the box on the page and clicking SEARCH, you’ll be prompted with a new page listing all relevant results. Try to enter as much information as you know, including license type, license number, and your doctor’s full name.

medical license verification from local board

On the search result page, you’ll find your doctor’s license status, expiration date, and so on. If you’re interested, you can click MORE DETAIL to obtain more information about his/her license.

medical license lookup result from local board

However, if you only know your doctor’s name, you may find it hard to screen out your doctor’s license because there are so many results listed. Only the license type and license number can help you quickly locate what you want to know. But don’t worry, and try the next fix.

Method 2 Check medical license with people search tools

What’re people search tools?

People search engines allow their users to find someone in less than a minute with a few clicks online. They’re legit, private, and effective. Users can obtain a detailed report listing their target’s job, education, address history, contact info, social accounts, and many more. All you need is just a name, phone number, or email address.

Like others use these tools to do a background check, you can do a medical license lookup with their help.

Option 1 Run a medical license lookup on TruthFinder by name

When it comes to researching someone, TruthFinder is always our first choice. Founded in 2015, it has made numerous reports accessible to millions of people. To be specific, it specializes in finding a lost loved one, researching an online seller, exploring the identity of an online date, and much more.

To have a look at your doctor’s license status, follow the steps below:

1. Enter your doctor’s full name in the search box below and click Search Now.

2. Then you’ll be redirected to a new page where your report will show up in minutes. On the report, you may find all incense info about your doctor, his/her education, job history, social media, and other details.

Report from TruthFinder for medical license lookup
Report from TruthFinder
TruthFinder offers a special 5-day trial for only $1. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Option 2 Find license info on Intelius by phone number

If you don’t know your doctor’s full name and TruthFinder doesn’t give you any luck, try to verify a medical license with a phone number on Intelius. This premium search tool keeps your search confidential, legal, and speedy.

With a phone number, you can search for anyone behind the number and figure out all details about that person. Usually, people receive more than they expected from the report. Just enter the phone number and click Search to start your search.

Professional License Search

Get Phone Owner’s Education, License Info & More!

Then you’ll obtain a report covering your doctor’s age, contact info, licenses, locations, assets, criminal & traffic records, social networks, and more. Carefully evaluate these details and decide if this doctor can fulfill your needs.

Phone number lookup report from Intelius
Phone number lookup report from Intelius
Intelius has a 5-day trial for $1. If that’s what you want, seize this chance.

Option 3 Verify a license with email addresses on BeenVerified

Only got your doctor’s email address? That’s alright because you can still verify your doctor’s medical license with the support of the BeenVerified email lookup tool.

With over 293 billion emails being sent every day, eagerness about knowing mysterious email senders surges. And BeenVerified does a good job in helping people figure out who sends them emails and potentially why. It sifts through billions of public records to unlock useful information about the sender’s background and identity, also revealing his/her education, license info, and working history.

Just simply enter your doctor’s email address and click Search Now. It won’t take long to present you with a report about your doctor. Therefore, you can quickly check all the information you’re interested in.

medical license lookup from BeenVerified
Email lookup report from BeenVerified
Likewise, BeenVerified also offers a 7-day trial for $1. Don’t hesitate if you need.

Method 3 ABMS Certification Matters

Established in 1933, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) is the largest physician-led specialty certification organization in the United State. If you’re sure that your doctor is board certified, you can verify board certification on its official website.

All you need to do is just head to the organization’s website and fill in the relevant information. Then you can click FIND MY DOCTOR to verify your doctor’s board certification status.

medical license lookup from ABMS

However, the result is not guaranteed. There are many reasons you find nothing at all in the search, some of which are:

  • The doctor may not have an active certification from an ABMS Member Board;
  • The doctor requested that his/her info be kept private;
  • The search terms are not sufficient enough.

That’s all for medical license lookup and hope you find this post helpful.

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