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Long Distance Relationship Cheating Signs & Dating Profiles

Long Distance Relationship Cheating Signs & Dating Profiles

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It makes people feel bad to be away from their lovers. What makes things worse is that you notice some signs that your loved one may be cheating. Most of us can tell a story about a friend cheating in a long-distance relationship, though advanced technology enables easy communication. This post offers some hints on figuring out your partner’s loyalty.

Signs of cheating in a long-distance relationship

Due to long distance, it’s hard to tell cheating since you cannot notice the slightest differences in your partner’s behavior. There are still signs, however, that you can have a peek at his/her abnormality.

  • Spend significantly less time talking to you;
  • Fewer posts on social media, or stop mentioning you;
  • Avoid meaningful conversations or talking about their feelings;
  • “Sleep” or “work overtime” more often;
  • Unwilling to arrange visits.

If you have noticed any of these signs, your significant other might have a chance of cheating. But that’s not enough. To spot a long-distance relationship cheating, you’d better check his/her dating profile.

Check dating profile

To start with, run a social media search for your partner.

It helps reveal what social networks they have accounts in and a link to their profiles. If they’re active recently, sending signals for romance, or posting at a weird time, you may have a clue on his/her cheating evidence.

1. Intelius®

Intelius is another trusted choice when it comes to social media lookup. Trust is indispensable in a long-distance relationship. If you just go straight to your partner without any proof, it may bring irreparable hurt to both of you.

But, if you find evidence on his/her dating profiles, things will be different.

Intelius provides an easy-to-use interface for people to search by name, phone, email, and address. Searching by name, phone, or email address (email search available only with a membership) you might find your lover’s dating app profiles, and other info in a report.

  1. Head to the Intelius website.
  2. Type your partner’s name and click Search.
  3. Your search results will be ready in minutes after it scans to find any matching records in its large data sources and compiles them into a well-organized report.

The above image is from a sample Intelius background report. Actual Intelius reports may contain more or less information.

2. Make use of the Discover People function

If you don’t want to pay for the search, here is a free method.

Many social platforms have a similar feature named Discover people or Find friends, which enables you to find the social account of a person you know in real life. All you need to do is find relevant guidelines and apply this feature.

For example, Facebook® allows users to upload contacts from mobile phones. Then you can see these phone owners’ Facebook profiles as long as they don’t set their profiles to only be visible to friends.

For some apps, this feature will pop up automatically when you sign up for a new account. Just remember to add your partner’s phone number to your contact list before any action.

Run a background check

If you meet your partner online to begin a long-distance relationship, running a background search is highly important. Is he married? What family member does she have? Who is he living with? These may answer why they are acting weird.

1. TruthFinder®

Since TruthFinder is an industry-leading background search engine, many people use it to run a background check for themselves, their roommates, or their neighbors. Within a background report, you may find sections including personal info, jobs, education, possible relatives, associates, relationships, social account links, and others.

Running a background check for your lover is easy. Just enter a full name and click Search Now in the search box below.

Besides, criminal and traffic records and asset details may be available in a background report, which helps you know your partner better. Note that you’ll need to pay for a membership account to unlock the report.

The above image is from a sample TruthFinder background report. Actual TruthFinder reports may contain more or less information. 

2. Google

If you believe you know your partner well, you can google the info in search engines to do a background check by yourself. Here are some tricks possibly helpful:

  • Use quotation marks to find info exactly matching your search (eg. ‘William Wordsworth’);
  • Link the person to other info to narrow down your search (eg. Jonah+Yale University);
  • Use site: to limit your search result (eg. Jonah

How to deal with long distance relationship cheating?

If you find solid proof of your partner’s cheating, you’re facing 3 options: walk away, correct your partner’s mistake, or pretend nothing is wrong.

For those who cannot endure cheating and lying, you can just make everything explicit and say goodbye. But there are also things you can do: try to understand why your partner is cheating. Remember it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. Just make it a valuable lesson for your next relationship.

If you don’t want to quit, you may want to talk with your partner. Let him/her know what you find and then have a thorough conversation. You can discuss the cheating reason and see if you can tackle it together. However, the best choice may be to live closer and visit more frequently.

Pretending nothing happens may be the least suggested option. After all, one must have a reason to cheat in a relationship. Your endurance may end up with rampant cheating and lying.

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