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Latest Apple Watch deals & sales 2023

Latest Apple Watch deals & sales 2023

Apple now provides you with a dizzying array of Apple Watch product lines on its official website: Series 6, Apple Watch SE and Series 3. In addition to the three lines, you can still find models for sale from the discontinued Series 5. If you’re looking for the latest Apple Watch deals for these models, you’ve come to the right place! In this artcle, we’ve compared the prices on each Apple Watch to help you find the best deal.

This page will update when there are new Apple Watch deals, so check back often!

Apple Watch Series 6 Deals

Series 6 is the newest and fastest Apple Watch you can get now! Series 6 is powered by the latest S6 chip and its display is always-on. Equipped with the blood oxygen sensor, Series 6 now can measure your blood oxygen level. For more detailed infomation about Series 6, refer to our previous article: Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch SE: which should you buy in 2020?

For the new release, you’re going to pay full price on Series 6 for a while, which ranges from $339 to $799. Now, you can order Apple Watch 6 from Apple, Amazon and other retailers now.

Apple Watch SE Deals

Apple Watch SE is a more affordable model in Apple Watch family. Starting from $279, Apple Watch SE is a stripped-down version of the Series 6, for the detailed comparison between Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, see Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch SE: which should you buy in 2020?

Apple Watch Series 5 Deals

After Series 6 and Apple Watch SE came out, Apple discontinued Series 5. Series 5 has the same S5 processor in Apple Watch SE, and it has the always-on display! If you’re interested in Series 5, you cannot miss the following deals!

Apple Watch Series 3 Deals

Series 3 is still available on Apple’s official website after the new release of the latest Apple Watch. As you can see, Series 3 has many of the same features of later models, but its price is bout half of the latest Series 6. Currently, Series 3 is the absolute best deal on a new Apple Watch you can find in Apple Store.

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