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Is Temu Legit? All Your Temu Questions Answered

Highlighting incredible low prices and a slogan of “Shopping like a Billionaire”, Temu has gained popularity in the US market. You can find almost everything under the sun on this platform, from beauty accessories and fashion for as low as $0.5, to electronics and home goods under $3.

However, the question arises: Is Temu a legit website to shop at or a scam? Here’s what you need to know about it!

History of Temu

Based in Boston, Temu is a subsidiary of PDD Holdings, which also owns Pinduoduo, one of the ecommerce giants in China. The platform has been making waves in the US retail market since it’s launch in September 2022.

Like Wish, Shein, and AliExpress, Temu advertises products at incredibly low prices. In addition, it also gains popularity by giving free stuff to users who promote the app opn their social media. With its super-cheap pricing strategy, extensive catalog of items, and aggressive market effort, Temu has become the most downloaded app on both Google Play and App Store.

Is Temu Legit or Safe

While we all love snagging a good deal, the seemingly mind-bending prices offered by Temu are simply too good to be true. You can find a wide range of products being sold for less than 10 dollars. For example, for only $2.98, you get 3 USB cable for your iPhone, and this Lenovo LP40 Pro TWS Earphones is priced at $9.98

Upon first glance, it’s not surprise that you wonder if Temu is a legit site or not. The short answer is YES, Temu is legit.

Despite some rumors and negative reviews, Temu is a trustworthy company backed by a legitimate corporation PDD Holdings, a NASDAQ-listed multinational holding company.

Temu also ensures data protection and payment security by supporting trusted payment methods, such as major credit and debit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay and more. This commitment to providing secure payment options adds to the website’s reliability and safety.

All else aside, it’s totally safe to order from Temu. There is no need to worry about being caught up in some phishing scam.

Why is Temu So Cheap

So why are Temu products priced so shockingly low? The reason behind this is that Temu is backed by PDD Holdings which has money to burn to attract new users. It also possesses a vast supplier network to offer low-cost products. Temu sources products straight from Chinese manufacturers, taking advantage of lower labor and production costs. While this allows for affodable items, it’s important to note that your purchase may not always meet your expectations. Read on and find out if Temu is worth it.

Is Temu Worth It

Online shopping can be a bit of a lottery. If you’re in for good bargains, you’ll certainly find the most variety of selections on Temu, all at the surprisingly affordable price.

In general, if you are looking for affordable items and are willing to accept some compromises, Temu can be a worthwhile option for your shopping needs.

Temu Product Quality

While most products on Temu are real and accurately delivered, there are some complaints about low-quality items from real customers. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. The truth is you might face disappointment when comparing the product quality to that of high-end retailers. Apart from this, it’s difficult for Temu to control the quality of suppliers since it allows individuals or companies to open a store.

Slow Delivery

Additionally, if you have some time to look at some customer reviews, Temu has an average rating of two out of 5 stars on the Better Business Bureau and there have been more than 300 complaints about Temu on the BBB website. Most complaints revolve around slow delivery times and poor customer service.

Since Temu’s product sources mainly come from Chinese suppliers, the delivery time has not advantage compared with most shopping platforms. So, if you are accustomed to the fast delivery service provided by platforms like Amazon, Temu’s shipping time may disappoint you.

Customer Service

It’s worth noting that the most frequent complaint on Trustpilot reviews is poor customer service, with many consumers reporting lost or damaged items and a lack of after-sales support.

Tips for Shopping at Temu

1. Manage Your Expectation

As we’ve addressed before, Temu’s products are inexpensive for a reason, there might be some noticeable differences in quality compared to what you find in physical stores. So it’s important to set realistic expectations regarding quality. However, not every purchase will end up being a tragic rip-off. Sometimes, you might find items that are durable and last for years.

Also, be aware of the shipping and delivery issues and set your expectations accordingly. Normally, it takes around 7-15 days before your order reach your doorstep, so if you’re expecting same-day or next-day delivery service, this is not for you.

2. Avoid Impulse Purchase

One of the most annoying things about Temu is that it bombards you with tons of deals and time-limited offers. These promotions can create a sense of urgency, making it tempting to make impulse purchases. We might end up buying stuff we don’t really need.

To avoid falling into the trap, always be aware of these tactics and reminding yourself of your actual needs when shopping on this platform.

3. Read The Item Dimension

The sizing issue has always been one of the biggest flaws with online shopping and it’s not Temu-specific. There might be a discrepancy between the product’s appearance in pictures and its actually size. To make sure you aren’t stuck with something you’ll never use, always check the product dimensions.

4. Read The Reviews

Reading reviews is a must for online shopping. When looking for something on Temu, you should also commit yourself to a bit of research on the item that caught your eye.

While most product reviews are mixed, they will offer a full picture of the product you ‘re interested in. You might want to find the reviews with real-life photos or video of the product to see if the product looks as advertised.

What is Temu’s Return Policy

While we’ve covered important tips for shopping on Temu, to avoid any possible issues with your purchase, you might want to familiarize yourself with Temu’s return policy prior to placing an order.

Temu allows you to return practically all items sold on this platform within 90 days of purchase. Certain items are ineligible for return to Temu, such as worn, washed, or damaged clothing without tags, packaging, or hygiene stickers, incomplete sets, nonrefundable items, and free gifts.

The first return for each order is free. However, you’ll have to pay a $7.99 shipping fee for a second return within the 90-day period, which will be deducted from your refund.

Refunds may take 7-30 business days to process, but opting for store credit results in a faster turnaround of three days. Keep in mind that cash refunds may require more patience.

Is Temu Free Shipping?

Temu offers free standard shipping on most orders. Alternatively, if your purchase reaches $129, you can enjoy free express shipping.

Prior to placing your order, you’ll be able to check estimated delivery dates on each product page and the percentage of customers that receive their orders on time. After purchase, you can track your shipments right in the Temu app.

According to Temu, it takes around 7-15 days to deliver a package on average. Most people, however, receive their orders within approximately 10 days.

Alternatives to Temu

While Temu does a great job offering affordable items catering to different shopping needs, it’s always good to have alternatives in mind. Here are a few websites that are similiar to Temu:

  1. Wish: Wish is an American online e-commerce platform that was founded in San Francisco in 2010. Similar to Temu, Wish is the marketplace for Chinese vendors to sell directly to consumers. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and wide array of products. For those seeking a seamless online shopping experience, Wish is a popular choice.
  2. AliExpress: AliExpress offers a reliable alternative to Temu. It stands out for its extensive selection of high-quality products at competitive prices.
  3. Amazon: If you prioritize fast delivery and impeccable customer service, Amazon might be the right choice for you. Amazon ensures timely deliveries and provides excellent customer support, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

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