iPhone Mic not working? Here’s the fix!


A microphone can go wrong sometimes, and it makes your voice unclear, or even can’t be heard. This is more than an inconvenience since you’re using the microphone to call, FaceTime and have a ZOOM meeting, etc. But don’t be panic, because you can fix it quickly and easily.

Why is my microphone not working?

Your iPhone Microphone can’t work properly if:

  • The front, bottom, and back microphone openings are obstructed, covered, or blocked.
  • Your iPhone is connected to Bluetooth devices.
  • The app may not have permission to access the microphone.

How to fix iPhone Mic not working

1. Make sure nothing is covering your iPhone’s mic

Most of us would choose a third-party case to protect our phone. Make sure your phone case fits well. Check if one of your microphones is covered by your phone case or just remove the case for now.

The iPhone has three microphones, including one on the top, one on the bottom, and one on the back.

Where Are iPhone Microphones

If iPhone microphones get too dirty they’ll actually stop working correctly. So also check carefully if these microphones are clogged with dust.

You can clean them carefully with a toothpick or a super-soft bristled toothbrush. Please don’t push too far into the microphone, for it can harm the inner parts.

2. Disconnect external and Bluetooth accessories

Ensure nothing is blocking your microphone. Unplug accessories and disconnect any devices that are connected via Bluetooth, especially earbuds and speakers.

To stop Bluetooth devices from interfering with the iPhone microphones, you can also turn off Bluetooth.

Turn off Bluetooth

3. Restart your iPhone

Whenever you bump into a device issue, a simple restart (how to restart an iPhone) may save your day.

4. Test if these three microphones are working

Before you try any of the following fixes, check if the iPhone Mic not working issue is app-related or about the device itself.

  • First, to test the microphone at the bottom of your iPhone (the primary microphone), you can open Voice Memos and record your voice and playback.
  • To test the microphone at the top of your phone, open the Camera app on your iPhone, and shoot a selfie video with the front camera while you’re speaking.
  • To test the microphone on the back of your phone, record a video using the back camera.

If you can’t hear your voice clearly, the microphone is not working properly. You can either contact Apple Support or try fix 6.

5. Allow the app to access your iPhone Mic

If you can hear yourself, your iPhone mic not working should be app-related. To make your microphone work again for the app:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone.
  • Make sure that the app is enabled.

If the app has permission to access your microphone, you can restart your app and test the microphone again. If all failed, try the next fix, below.

6. Install the latest iOS software

iPhone updates can solve many random issues. Whenever Apple issues an update, you should update it right away. In some cases, some users have solved their iPhone mic not working by installing an update.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and download the update. Once the download is complete, you can update if you

Update iOS

7. Reset your iPhone

If your iPhone mic is still not working, you can reset your iPhone’s settings. This won’t erase any content (except for Wi-Fi passwords, cellular settings and VPN settings), but often can fix bugs and issues you’re expeiencing.

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the Reset button.
  • Tap the Reset All Settings button at the top of the screen and confirm that you would like to reset all the settings.
  • Your iPhone will now restart.

iPhone mic not working: Fixed?

Hopefully, one of the fixes above fixed your iPhone mic not working and you can voice/video chat again. If your iPhone’s mic is still not working, you can bring your iPhone in for repair. Check iPhone repair and service and be sure to take it to an Apple-certificated store.

By Via Kuang

Via is a writer for Super Easy. She specializes in modern, realistic lifestyle writing, covering fashion, the arts, travel, books, saving money tips and more. She just loves delving deep into topics that help everyone become a happier, healthier, more productive person. When not writing, she's exploring the beauty of the world -- the real scenic beauty and the intellectual beauty.

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