How to Share Steam Games Easily & Quickly | 10/2021

Are you looking for how to share games with your family member or friends on Steam but don’t know how? Don’t worry, this post is here to help you step-by-step.

Everything you need to know for sharing Steam games

Benefits of sharing Steam games

  • You can install games from another user’s library without pay for it.
  • Sharing Steam games allow others to play the game far away.

Can I share Steam games and play at the same time?

The answer is a big NO. Steam won’t allow family accounts to play the same game library at the same time. It means you want to play game A in your family member’s game library if he/she plays game B that in the same game library, you’ll be kicked off the game.
Two people can’t play from a single library at the same time.

So if you want to enjoy a multiplayer game with your friends and family members, sharing Steam game is not a good idea. You still need to buy the game. Also, not all games are available for sharing.

Note: You can share with a maximum of 5 accounts and 10 devices.

How to share Steam games

  1. Log your account on your family member/friend’s computer.
  2. Click on Steam on the upper left, then click Settings.
  3. Click Family, then select the Authorize Library Sharing on this computer.
    Note: You may authorize up to 10 computers.
  4. Select the account and click OK.
  5. Log out your account and let your family member or your friend log back.
  6. Click LIBRARY and you’ll see the shared game library.

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That’s it. We hope this post could help you.

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