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[2023 Updated] How to redeem Call of Duty: Mobile codes

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile Redeem Codes

Call of Duty: Mobile allows you to play iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, anywhere. If you want exclusive in-game items for free, then you’ve come to the right place! Just follow the step-by-step instruction in this article to redeem COD: Mobile codes for some quality rewards like exclusive gun skins and outfits!

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How to redeem COD: Mobile codes

Currently, you cannot redeem COD: Mobile codes in the Call of Duty: Mobile app. Instead, you need to redeem codes at the webpage the Call of Duty: Mobile redemption center. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Find your UID in the game

The Call of Duty: Mobile redemption center requires the UID info to identify which player is redeeming the code. Before redeeming COD: Mobile codes, you need to find your UID in the game first. Follow the steps below to find your UID in the game:

  1. Launch COD: Mobile.
  2. Tap your profile avatar on the upper-left corner.
    COD Mobile how to find UID
  3. Navigate to the PLAYER PROFILE page, then you’ll find your UID under your avatar. Tap the clipboard icon to copy your UID to your clipboard.
    COD:Mobile how to find UID

Step 2: Redeem codes at Call of Duty: Mobile redemption center

Now you can start redeeming the COD: Mobile codes you get. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Call of Duty: Mobile redemption center.
  2. Enter your UID, redeem code and verification code, then click Submit to redeem the code.
    COD: Mobile redeem center

Latest working COD: Mobile redeem codes

Try to redeem the following codes as soon as possible, as they expire after a certain amount of time. Please note that some redeem codes are region or account-specific, they may not work for everyone. Try your luck to get some exclusive items!

CodesRewards / Notes
BFNGZCZ5EMExclusive Outfit
BIFBZBZSC9The Distraction crate from S6, a nomad skin (New – Only works in Garena Server)
BFOEZOIIIUZ9CKMRedemption code has been used
BFOBZHTBHAZKWANRedemption code has been used
BFNUZLMOLCZVKVKRedemption code has been used
BFNUZILDFZ4JU43Redemption code has been used
BFOGZBCPCFRZKSXRedemption code has been used
BFQHZBNEELZ8TMJRedemption code has been used
BFQGZEBKCAZ97FPRedemption code has been used
BFOBZDUCLOZ6DBTRedemption code has been used
BFOBZBAVHJGZCSKRedemption code has been used
BFOEZBAIEPOZF6PRedemption code has been used
BFOGZOJKTZAKKAVerification failed
BGRCZBZBNEVerification failed
BGRBZBZG3KVerification failed
BGONZBZQPBVerification failed
BGMVZBZCU8Verification failed
BGMPZBZWVQVerification failed
BOGRZPZQ4HVerification failed
BGMTZBZ4BVVerification failed
If you find new COD: Mobile redemption codes, you’re more than welcome to leave us a comment below! We’ll update this article whenever we find a new COD: Mobile redeem code!

By Justin Zeng

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