[Easy Guide] How To Pick A Sweet Watermelon

The #watermelon trending on Twitter seems to tell everybody summer is coming soon! Seaside and beach are temporarily out of reach, while we can get sweet watermelon! This post is going to tell you the secret of picking a watermelon. Read on and find out how to pick a sweet, watery watermelon. Watermelon time is coming, save the post, go and pick a watermelon!

1. Look at the shape

A nice firm, round, symmetrical watermelon without bruises, cuts, or dent is your target. This shape usually means the watermelon receives regular water and sunshine, so it has more chances to become a sweet and watery watermelon.
Because it’s the first step, and the easiest step, so select two more would be better.

2. Heavier is better

Compare the melons’ weight you pick according to the first trick, lift it up one by one with your hands, you can tell which one is heavier. The heavier is better as it’s full of water. If you can get a scale that would be more accurate. This advice goes on well for most fruits and vegetables like melons, durian, and oranges.

3. Look for the field spot

Turn around the watermelon and you should find a spot that different from elsewhere. It’s called the field spot. It’s where the melon sat on the ground and can’t receive the sunshine. The longer the watermelon sat on the ground, the spot becomes more yellow and larger. This kind of watermelon is better because it receives more sunlight and water.
Conclusion: Pick the one with a yellow larger spot.

4. Choose small bottom

When you pick a watermelon, turn it around to look at its “belly button”. Choose the smaller one instead of the bigger one.

5. Inspect the stem

If the stem is green, the melon is fresh. The brown stem shows the watermelon has been stored for a while. In addition, watermelon with a curly tail is better than straight tail, in conclusion, a nice watermelon has a green and curly stem.

6. Knock knock

Make sure watermelons are firm. Knock it, squeeze it to check. Keep in mind, make sure they’re firm. Knock the watermelon to check whether it’s solid. You want a full sound, a solid sound like a base. This technique is a bit hard to master but has been supported by many customers.

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Iris Zheng

Iris is a writer who covers almost everything from beauty to technology, fitness, home decoration and etc. No matter what she wrote, she always brings true and useful information for readers.

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